Takao Saito, the creator greatest referred to as the creator of Golgo 13, has died. The announcement comes from publishing firm Shogakukan, which runs Golgo 13 in its semimonthly journal Big Comic. According to the announcement, Saito died resulting from pancreatic most cancers on September twenty fourth, 2021. He was 84 years previous [Thanks, Yahoo News].

Born in 1936 in what’s now Wakayama City, Japan, Takao Saito debuted his first manga work at the age of 19, with Baron Air (Kuuki Danshaku) in 1955. He launched his signature work, Golgo 13, in 1968. Since then, the sequence has received a number of awards and at present holds the title for the oldest manga nonetheless in publication. It has over 600 chapters and 201 volumes in print, making it additionally the manga with probably the most variety of volumes for a single title.

Golgo 13 follows the adventures of the titular murderer for rent. Also referred to as “Duke Togo,” Golgo is a taciturn killer, talking solely when essential and finishing up hits with out regret or emotion. He performs lots of his assassinations with a personalized, scoped M16 assault rifle, wielded with inhuman precision.

The sequence has been tailored quite a few instances over time, spawning two live-action movies, anime variations, and video video games. The most up-to-date game adaptation was 2009’s Golgo 13: Pursue File G-13 on the Nintendo DS.

Shogakukan introduced that regardless of Saito’s loss of life, and in accordance together with his needs, the manga will proceed on. Saito Production, a gaggle of artists, will proceed for example Golgo 13. New tales shall be created with the assistance of Big Comic‘s editorial workers and others. The franchise received its first-ever spinoff sequence in July 2021.

Golgo 13 is out there in Japan, with Viz Media dealing with its North America publication.