There’s a brand new patch out for grand technique game Stellaris that makes some custodial updates based mostly on the neighborhood’s studies as the large 3.1 ‘Lem’ replace has settled into orbit. There are some welcome tweaks, like some extra readability on the Clone Army origin tooltip and a repair for a crash when Clone Armies launched vassals and induced an ‘invalid species.’ But maybe the most vital information will be discovered below the ‘known issues’ heading in the patch notes: robots are coming to eat you.

One of the remaining points Paradox’s Stellaris group says it has to deal with is the indisputable fact that apparently, machine empires (launched in Synthetic Dawn DLC) can spawn with the necrophage trait. Necrophagic species reproduce by consuming different populations, so it appears as if you could possibly be the prospect of an area civilisation of Five Nights at Freddy’s monsters subsequent time you begin a game.

Normally, machine empires are composed of self-replicating networked drones. Now it appears they will lose the potential to restore and change themselves, and require the flesh of natural life kinds so as to procreate.

So, sure, the robots are coming to eat you.

There’s excellent news, although: the replace additionally contains some extra fixes and tweaks. For occasion, historical clone vats now can solely spawn clone soldier pops, you’ll get the regular -50% manufacturing penalty (to alloy manufacturing) if you go right into a meals deficit whereas utilizing the Catalytic Processing civic, and you can now transfer your science vessel to blow up methods throughout the ‘Elder One’ occasion.

Just be careful for the flesh-eating robots, okay?