While Wario is recognized for his avarice, the one Wario game that stands out in terms of his greed is Wario World. Its story begins with Wario lastly having fun with his very own citadel that’s stuffed to the rafters with treasures. Of course, there’s a flaw lurking inside: the Black Jewel that warps the citadel and all of its different treasures, requiring Wario to retrieve them and set every little thing again so as.

It’s clear that gamers (and Wario himself) are supposed to see the actions of the Jewel as if they’re malicious, however possibly they’re greater than that. The Jewel comes from inside Wario’s own home, and so I ponder how a lot Wario’s troubles within the game truly come from inside himself. Despite what Wario claims, possibly life is not about truly possessing stacks of gold cash and piles of treasures. Instead, it’s the pursuit that thrills him. It’s a pity that Wario doesn’t appear to appreciate that each one the treasure on the planet wouldn’t make him completely satisfied.

Nintendo characters don’t usually present a lot progress or change from game to game. For probably the most half, every entry follows a standard rule of serialized tv and comics: on the finish of the day, every little thing has to return to the best way it was when it began. Wario World might have bucked this conference whereas remaining true to Wario’s character. The Black Jewel lurking in his riches might have been some very apparent symbolism in regards to the tragedy of Wario, for whom an excessive amount of is by no means sufficient. That Wario World begins there, as an alternative of with a treasure hunt, caper, or a requirement for odd jobs places it in a wierd place inside Wario’s canon. Is this the one the place Wario learns a lesson?

Wario is standing on the ledge of a stone walkway, and gold coins are pouring out beside him

Image: Treasure/Nintendo

Well, this is Wario, so in fact not. Much like Wario himself, Wario World solely carries the potential for self-realization. If gamers do an intensive job in recollecting all of his treasures, Wario winds up proper again in a private throne room, alone. But is that what he actually needs? Perhaps the Black Jewel merely surfaced Wario’s own hidden wishes. After all, Wario World quantities to a theme park the place Wario can piledrive baddies and break open treasure chests. There’s a garlic vendor on each nook. It’s extra of a dream citadel than any throne room might be.

While most of the ranges of Wario World reinforce that it’s all about its titular character, none are extra overt about it than one known as “Wonky Circus,” an enormous high the place Wario is the star. There, a highlight follows Wario wherever he goes. Ostensibly, the Black Jewel is the ringleader, but when so, it’s a really indulgent one. While every stage is rife with baddies, puzzles, and a locked boss door, there aren’t any challenges that Wario can not surmount. Instead, each combat and puzzle is tailor-made to Wario’s distinctive set of abilities. What different character is going to choose up a bomb-throwing Ankylosaurus with a “wild swing-ding”? This is an opportunity for him to strut!

Even although the Jewel has usurped Wario’s treasure, cash abound. They explode out of bosses with each profitable hit. With each timed, 60-second brawl (of which there’s a pair in every stage), there’s an opportunity to suck in piles of moolah. But what good are cash in case you have nothing to spend them on? In Wario World, they can be utilized to buy health-restoring garlic, however additionally they permit gamers to purchase their approach out of “Game Over” screens. Any hassle that Wario encounters could be resolved by a mixture of brawn and money. Even a knockout hit from a boss could be mounted this manner, amounting to a pause display and a comparatively small high-quality.

A tiny sized Wario is leaping from one enormous flower to another

Image: Treasure/Nintendo

Furthering the sense of unreality, there are sometimes psychedelic transitions and scenes all through the game. Space and time are apparently the Black Jewel’s to command, resulting in not possible architectures and puzzle zones with summary, rotating geometries. With all that energy, it’s curious that each zone is organized in simply such a approach as to check Wario’s nous and skill. Some areas ask for the precision execution of distinctive strikes just like the “corkscrew conk,” whereas others depend on his miraculous skill to outlive falls from any top. Bosses which can be impervious to Wario’s swings and grabs conveniently combat on platforms that may be dunked into lava with a floor pound. Within the game, the Black Jewel supposedly has the ability to rearrange the world. But if the aim is to remake the world to its own ends, why are the outcomes so centered round Wario?

With all of this so on-the-(bulbous)-nose, so well-tailored to Wario, the place’s the tragedy? It’s proper the place it normally is: lodged in the primary character. Wario is so insatiably grasping that he might by no means be content material in a citadel, it doesn’t matter what he tells himself. He entered the Mario canon by taking on Mario’s own citadel and island. Then, after being thrown out, Wario went on a collection of unbelievable adventures. That’s how Wario truly will get his kicks. A throne room is boring should you would reasonably be rampaging by deserts, wrestling dinosaurs, and charging by haunted homes. Yet Wario himself by no means appears to appreciate this. In every of Wario World’s endings, that are decided by what number of treasures gamers retrieve and what number of magical sprites they rescue, Wario merely expresses his relative happiness at his remade digs. Collect too few and he’s relegated to setting his throne by a tent and a campfire. Collect all of them, and he sits in an opulent room, surrounded by glittering cash. The finest ending, in keeping with Wario, is the one the place every little thing is simply because it was originally of the game.

Perhaps the Black Jewel actually is a treasure, identical to all of the others in Wario’s assortment. It’s simply the type with sufficient magical juice to grant one’s coronary heart’s want. But who is Wario, happy? Maybe he’s simply unhappy, pining for journey. The Jewel obliges this want, permitting Wario to chase down his own treasures yet again. And though Wario claims to have shattered the Jewel after it seems as a closing boss, who actually is aware of? Perhaps it’s the engine that powers all these absurd, engrossing Wario Ware minigames. If there’s one factor that Wario World makes filter of all of his video games, it’s that he can by no means relaxation. If there’s no person round to antagonize him, possibly Wario will simply go right down to his vault and invent a villain.