In 2021, Persona 5 turned 5, and the Japanese PlayStation Twitter account honored the event with an off-the-cuff reputation ballot that requested folks to vote for his or her favourite characters. After 48,139 votes, the outcomes are in. The high three Persona 5 individuals who got here out on high are, so as, Joker, Makoto Niijima, and Goro Akechi. Meanwhile, Ryuji Sakamoto was voted the least widespread.

Here’s the official tweet going over the Persona 5 characters reputation ballot outcomes. Included is an authentic picture displaying every individual’s rank.

And right here’s an inventory going over the precise rankings for the Persona 5 characters based mostly on the Japanese ballot outcomes.

  1. Joker (Protagonist) with 9,824 votes
  2. Makoto with 7,606 votes
  3. Goro with 7,088 votes
  4. Futaba with 6,444 votes
  5. Yusuke with 5,078 votes
  6. Morgana with 4,002 votes
  7. Haru with 3,413 votes
  8. Ann with 2,708 votes
  9. Ryuji with 1,976 votes

Speaking of Joker, Atlus not too long ago shared new artwork of the Persona 5 protagonist. In honor of the game’s fifth anniversary, Character Designer Shigenori Soejima drew him.

Persona 5 is out there for the PS3 and PS4, whereas Persona 5 Royal is out there for the PS4. If somebody has PlayStation Plus and a PS5, they will entry the JRPG free of charge by way of The PlayStation Plus Collection.