Beta testers revealed the talents and expertise of the upcoming new hunter in Identity V, Wax Artist. Though the English Identity V Twitter merely state that Wax Artist will seem in-game “soon,” the Japanese account introduced that NetEase will implement him next month.

Wax Artist, whose actual identify is Phillip, has a wax determine of his dead sister on his shoulder. Prior to his sister’s demise, Phillip practiced physiognomy and used it, in addition to his wax figures, to seek out criminals. When he returned from overseas, he discovered that somebody had murdered her throughout his absence. Because of the wax on his physique, he has a shorter stun restoration time and when Survivors stun him, wax flies in every single place. This wax attaches itself onto home windows, pallets, and the Survivors themselves. It will increase the wax gauge on a Survivor and when it reaches 100%, the Survivor can not transfer for 3 seconds.

Wax Artist may use his nozzle to spray wax pellets at Survivors, home windows, and pallets. This additionally raises a Survivor’s wax gauge and might cease them from vaulting. When Wax Artist unlocks extra presence, he can shoot a large ball of wax. It explodes when it lands, making use of wax to an space. At max presence, he can warmth up his wax and truly harm a Survivor when their wax gauge is at 100%. This is just like Naiad and her humidity mechanic.

NetEase first launched Wax Artist throughout the third anniversary of Identity V. During the identical announcement, they confirmed off Patient and “Psychologist,” in addition to the brand new Darkwoods map. Darkwoods is just not within the game but.

Identity V is obtainable on cell gadgets and Windows PC, and Wax Artist will seem subsequent month. The game is working a collaboration with The Promised Neverland, permitting gamers to acquire restricted skins, stickers, and equipment.