Sony has changed the launch model of the PlayStation 5 — the CFI-1000, for these protecting rating — with a revised model, even as plenty of of us are nonetheless having bother getting their palms on any model. So, what provides with the newer CFI-1100? Is this a greater console to re-trigger followers’ FOMO?

No, says Digital Foundry. Nor is it any worse. “The differences between PlayStation 5s old and new are minimal to say the least,” writes Richard Leadbetter. The unit is lighter (about 12 ounces), owing to a redesign of the cooling meeting and its smaller heat sink. It nonetheless has the same large-adult-son chassis. It’s additionally simpler to screw in the stand that the unit makes use of, considerably counterintuitively, in the horizontal place.

Otherwise, with each consoles operating the same firmware — a giant revision simply hit on Wednesday, too — “the new PS5 run[s] pretty much identically to my other launch PS5.” In an evaluation of the new unit’s increase clock, Leadbetter “put the new PS5 into a media cabinet with little airflow, ran it with the console consuming over 200 [watts] for two hours, and then benchmarked it again.” Still no distinction, though the console was “very warm to the touch when I retrieved it.”

“The PS5 will keep on playing until it hits a specific max temperature and then it’ll power itself down,” Leadbetter mentioned, as the console seems engineered for quiet efficiency — maybe recalling the loud launch fashions of the PlayStation 4.

Despite the new machine operating hotter or colder, it performs precisely the same as its predecessor. So, now you can get again to worrying whether or not you could find a PlayStation 5 in any respect. Sony’s most up-to-date steering there’s that it’ll nonetheless be in brief provide by way of all of subsequent yr.