With Gara Prime leaving the Prime Access rotation September 8, Warframe is gearing up to unleash the revamped Nidus Prime on the space-traveling MMO. Along with this new premium warframe, September Eight with additionally see the return of the Operation: Plague Star occasion – offering gamers with the chance to earn the Grineer Ghoulsaw as a reward.

Nidus has all the time embodied Warframe’s infestation theme, and the Prime model of this warframe dials that up to 11. Nidus Prime is nonetheless all muscle and skeletal spines, however now he’s additionally rippling with darkish tendrils of infested tissue that whip round off his arms, shoulders, and cranium. He, alongside along with his signature weapons, additionally has the signature glint of Prime gold highlighting. In quick, it’s a badass-looking warframe.

Operation: Plague Star runs Sept. 8-30, and that can ship you to the Plains of Eidolon, the place you’ll be doing battle with all method of infested lifeforms which are attempting to attain the village of Cetus. You’ll want to raid Thrax Toxin from the Grineer, combine it right into a usable bioweapon, then seize a drone to ship it to the alien boil that’s inflicting the infestation. Each time you do, the boil will ship out new infested creatures, every wave extra highly effective than the final.

In addition to the Ghoulsaw, you’ll even have an opportunity to earn Nidus Prime relics drops throughout the occasion, which is able to put you effectively on the best way towards incomes the brand new warframe.

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