Type-Moon launched a model new Melty Blood Type Lumina trailer, this time pitting Michael Roa Valdamjong and Noel towards one another in battle. Roa is a vampire and the primary antagonist of the Near-Side Moon routes in Tsukihime, whereas Noel is an Executor whose hometown was destroyed by Roa. This trailer, like earlier ones, is three and a half minutes lengthy and exhibits off tons of combos and strategies.

In the trailer, we see Noel make the most of the vary and fluidity of her polearm strikes, whereas Roa is a quick fighter whose combos put stress on his opponents. Melty Blood Type Lumina versus trailers typically characteristic high-level play, demonstrating many gameplay strategies that gamers can have entry to throughout their very own matches. Techniques featured in the most recent trailer embrace a particular cancel, well-placed blocking and shielding, and Heat wakeups which was additionally proven to be susceptible to shielding.

The earlier trailer showcased the twins Kohaku and Hisui duking it out in fight. The one earlier than that featured a battle between Akiha and Arcueid, who’re each heroines in the franchise in addition to one another’s rivals. It was additionally acknowledged by Tsukihime author Kinoko Nasu in a recent Famitsu interview that her crew shared eventualities and growth particulars with the Melty Blood crew to make sure consistency between the 2 video games.

Melty Blood Type Lumina will launch for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by way of Steam on September 30, 2021.