Quantic Dream‘s joint CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière have successfully sued French newspaper Le Monde for libel following the publication of an article containing allegations of a toxic work environment. According to a report by French union Solidaires Informatique, as translated by Eurogamer, Le Monde lost the case because they were unable to prove some of the allegations without revealing the identity of their anonymous sources.

While the pair won their case against Le Monde as individuals, a similar libel case against another newspaper, Mediapart, was unsuccessful. Interestingly, Quantic Dream tried to sue both newspapers as a company too, but both of these libel cases were also unsuccessful. This means the court felt the allegations printed by both papers against Quantic Dream could be proven, as could Mediapart’s allegations towards David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière.

The story started in 2018 when the 2 newspapers, alongside a 3rd outlet Canard PC, printed tales a couple of poisonous work atmosphere at Quantic Dream. The studio was accused of sexual harassment and different misconduct in direction of their workers. David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière have been singled out for demanding exceptionally lengthy hours from his workers, in addition to inappropriate remarks that included homophobic and racist jokes. Cage denied the allegations in a tone-deaf statement, whereas Quantic Dream additionally denied every thing, calling the articles a “smear campaign.”

The libel circumstances began shortly after. Despite the corporate’s denials, Paris Council launched their very own investigation into the “toxic corporate culture of Quantic Dream” and the corporate’s public funding. Game Workers Unite teamed up with Solidaires Informatique to analyze the claims of sexual harassment. The developer then lost an employment case towards a former worker who had give up the corporate after offensive Photoshopped photos of workers have been circulated amongst Quantic Dream’s workers. A labor tribunal additionally found them guilty of not fulfilling safety obligations in direction of workers by failing to handle the poisonous work atmosphere allegations.

Quantic Dream did have some success defending itself, although. The developer then claimed the majority of the ex-employees’ requests within the labor tribunal have been denied and later accused French web sites of personal bias of their reporting of the case. Earlier this 12 months, the Paris Court of Appeals dismissed more claims towards the corporate from one other former worker. With allegations and complaints of defamation nonetheless being thrown round—not solely on the firm however throughout the broader video video games trade—it’s unlikely this would be the final we hear of the state of affairs.

[Source: Solidaires Informatique through Eurogamer]