Rocksmith Plus gained’t make the summer season 2021 launch window builders initially hoped for, the studio announced on Tuesday. It’ll be utilizing the additional time to work on a number of core features, utilizing suggestions from from a closed beta that came about in June and July.

Lead producer Arthur von Nagel didn’t characterize the information as a delay, nevertheless, saying Ubisoft San Francisco “didn’t set a hard date because we wanted the flexibility to react to feedback and to adjust release timelines to match.”

Von Nagel didn’t say when the game would now launch. The studio shall be engaged on suggestions in 4 areas — track library; audio inputs and observe detection; development and training; UI, search, and content material discoverability.

With regard to the track library, “we’re committed to offering over 5,000 songs” at launch, Von Nagel wrote. The closed beta purposefully had a choice of about 500 songs. He went into larger element in regards to the different three growth areas in a message to the community.

“We understand that this delay is disappointing,” Von Nagel wrote. “Every Rocksmith Plus player deserves to easily find the music you care about, to feel a sense of growth and mastery over your instrument, and to trust that the notes you play are heard fairly and accurately.”

Rocksmith Plus was introduced in June throughout E3 2021. The guitar-teaching sim is scheduled to launch on Windows PC first, adopted by launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Following that, Rocksmith Plus will come to Android and iOS gadgets, too.

Rocksmith Plus shall be a subscription-based service, with Ubisoft providing $14.99, $39.99, and $99.99 plans for month-to-month, three months, and annual subscriptions.