With the group at Facepunch Studios busy working away on new content material and gameplay changes for its flagship survival game, there’s at all times – nicely, typically – information to share on what’s headed Rust’s means. Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax has simply shared the most recent particulars on what the devs have been cooking up, and it consists of a key change for supply drops.

In the game’s staging – that is, dwell testing – department, there are some updates to how seen supply drops are, as Shadowfrax explains within the clip under. “Many supply drops delivered between the in-game hours of 8pm and 7am will now have a big, rotating light on top and white lights on the bottom,” he notes – and there’s some footage supplying you with a good concept of what this’ll appear to be in observe to see.

These lights will keep switched on for “a while” after a supply drop hits the bottom to assist gamers find it in areas with dense foliage – although it’s value noting the siren gentle will solely be seen when you’re inside a sure distance of the field o’ goodies.

Naturally, this is a change that sounds small in scope however may imply some fairly huge issues for the game, as with all that further visibility it’s going to imply extra gamers will see supply drops, nicely, drop. So, we may most likely anticipate to see even greater teams of excited survivors pounce on the crates stuffed with end-game stage loot once they fall – and subsequently extra of a struggle to be the fortunate victor who will get to preserve the spoils. Here’s Shadowfrax’s video explaining the change:

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Again, this is solely within the game’s staging department proper now – a improvement construct for testing changes in an surroundings that offers the devs a good concept of how they’ll fare within the dwell, lively game. As such, it’s maybe not sure that these changes will come to the dwell game, no less than not with out some additional tinkerings, but it surely seems like this is what the devs have deliberate for the game so we are able to possible anticipate to see some supply drop changes on this vein head to the dwell game fairly quickly.

Elsewhere within the video replace, Shadowfrax runs by way of a bunch of different quality-of-life changes headed Rust’s means and a few works (nonetheless) in progress. Check out the clip above for the complete rundown.