It’s about midway via the Chaldea Summer Adventure occasion within the Japanese model of Fate/Grand Order, and so which means it’s time for the second restricted banner. Though the swimsuit variations of Sei Shonagon, Caenis, and Kama appeared within the occasion story, they’re now within the game for Masters to drag for. Of these three, Kama is the one SSR.

Sei Shonagon seems as a Berserker in her swimsuit model. However, she has a reasonably well-rounded package for her class. Her first talent boosts the get together’s assault and her personal crucial harm, in addition to provides herself an NP increase. Meanwhile, her second and third abilities are extra support-oriented. Her second talent grants herself evasion, and her third talent permits her to heal a celebration member’s HP and makes them proof against Burn. All of her abilities have an effect on crucial stars or crucial harm, making her a Berserker who depends on crucial hits quite than base firepower.

Her Noble Phantasm, Emotional Engine: Vivid Full Sensation, hits a single goal and offers further harm to each Shadow Servants and Lawful Alignment enemies. You can see the animation for her Noble Phantasm right here:

Summer Caenis is a Rider class with a reasonably offensive package. Their first talent will increase the get together’s assault for 3 turns, and Male or Unknown Gender Servants obtain an additional buff on prime of that. They may improve their Arts and Buster harm for 3 turns with their second talent, and their third talent applies the Guts buff. Aside from Guts, it could possibly additionally permit Caenis to achieve crucial stars each flip for 3 turns. This impact is amplified when on a Waterside Battlefield.

Their Noble Phantasm is Sea Serpent: Storm Blue. It first will increase Caenis’s NP harm for 3 turns and offers harm to a single goal. Like their third talent, Sea Serpent: Storm Blue provides an additional buff (on this case, it will increase Caenis’s assault) for 3 turns if they’re on a Waterside Battlefield.

Lastly, summer season Kama is an Avenger class Servant. As against Sei Shonagon and Caenis, her package facilities on buffing herself. Her first talent will increase her Arts harm, and her second talent will increase her Noble Phantasm harm and has an opportunity to Charm the enemy. Kama’s third talent will increase her NP gauge, in addition to permits her to inflict the Heartfelt Blaze debuff on an enemy she assaults for 3 turns. Enemies with the stackable Heartfelt Blaze debuff obtain extra harm each time Kama assaults them.

Her Noble Phantasm is Kama Rupastra, which offers Arts harm to all enemies. It may cut back their protection for 3 turns.

Fate/Grand Order is available on cellular gadgets, however the Chaldea Summer Adventure occasion and this banner is barely on the Japanese server. Chaldea Summer Adventure will run till September 29, 2021.