Nintendo launched a new trailer for Splatoon 3, revealing some key details about the game’s single-player mode and a glimpse at just a few of the game’s new devices and weapons. The game has a tentative Nintendo Switch launch window of 2022.

Splatoon 3 will largely happen in Splatsville, also called “The City of Chaos,” the place many of the squid-people dwell. Like earlier titles, the Inklings take part in ink-based turf wars in two groups of 4 gamers. The trailer exhibits one of many levels surrounded by the high-rise buildings of Splatsville, which is reportedly constructed up with every technology to offer its distinctive look. We additionally see the looks of a number of new weapons, reminiscent of a big crab-like tank that may roll across the stage and shoot ink.

The single-player story mode is titled “Return of the Mammalians.” As the title suggests, it would revolve across the return of mammals to the world of Splatoon. Due to rising seas, most mammals had been thought of extinct and squids grew to become the dominant lifeform on Earth. They advanced over time and have become the Inklings.

Other, darker forces may be at play. The story mode’s stage designs look giant and diversified, taking gamers from deserts to upside-down cities and extra.

Splatoon 3 is presently in improvement for the Nintendo Switch. It is deliberate to launch someday in 2022.