Last month, YouTuber Austin Evans stirred quite a bit of controversy when he declared that the revised PlayStation 5 model, which carries a smaller heatsink, is “worse” than the original model. Evans based his assessment by gauging the temperature of the heat emanating from the PS5’s exhausts, which Digital Foundry later disputed by noting that this could simply mean that the console’s fan is performing better by blowing out more heat.

Now, YouTube channel Hardware Busters (thanks, VGC) has published its own in-depth analysis, and it seems to fall in line with Digital Foundry’s initial impressions.

When Hardware Busters measured the temperature of the revised PS5’s internal components, it found that the new console’s CPU was actually running cooler by around 11C. However, the team found that its memory was running hotter by about 8C.

“They have exactly the same fans, power consumption is about the same, fan speed is also the same… the only difference is in the heat sink,” Hardware Busters said. “It’s evident now that the heat sink in the new PlayStation 5 performs better… yes, it is smaller and weighs 300g less in the new model, but it is more effective. I measured 11C lower CPU temperature on the new PS5 model. The memory difference… yes, it was 8C higher in the new model, but what matters the most is CPU temperature. The new heat sink looks to be better according to my data.”

Digital Foundry too noted that the launch and revised PS5s had similar power consumption and performance during stress-testing. The outlet will publish a more detailed analysis in due course.