Doom 2 has been out for a very long time, and the Doom modding neighborhood continues to be endlessly inventive with discovering methods so as to add to, change, or utterly remake the traditional sequence of gory FPS video games. Other modders produce other objectives in thoughts, nevertheless. There’s a brand new mod out referred to as ‘Doom 2 but the guns look bad,’ which replaces all the weapon art work in Doom 2 with a model that appears prefer it was made in Microsoft Paint, most likely as a result of it was.

‘Doom 2 but the guns look bad’ doesn’t contact the rest in Doom 2, it simply makes the guns look dangerous. Modder TechIguess explains on the ModDB web page: “Yup, I literally just took Doom 2 and redrew the weapon models to make them look worse.” If you have been to evaluate the mod by how effectively it accomplishes the objectives the modder set out for it, it’s a smashing success: all these guns look extraordinarily dangerous.

Take the chaingun, for example. Normally it’s proven as a sequence of silver barrels sure collectively towards the muzzles, with hand-drawn lighting results displaying that it’s manufactured from reflective metallic. The modded model appears to be like like an icon for a fence.

I feel the rocket launcher is supposed to appear like a loaded RPG, nevertheless it simply appears to be like like a flat gray candle. The shotgun appears to be like like somebody tried to hint over a silhouette of a black beer bottle with their non-dominant hand.

Some of them I can’t even establish: is that the BFG 9000 that appears like a medical waste container in a hospital-themed ’90s journey game? What’s that factor that appears like a paintbrush?

These guns actually do look very dangerous, and you’ll obtain them from ModDB, which is the place you can even discover many different wonderful Doom mods should you’re so inclined.