There aren’t actually every other video games that evince the sensation of commanding a medieval military the way in which Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord does, and because of a workforce of devoted modders, quickly you’ll be capable to strive that out as a chief in Warhammer Fantasy’s Old World setting. The Old Realms is a whole conversion mod for Bannerlord that provides utterly new factions, artwork, weapons, guidelines, maps, and extra to StoryWorlds’ medieval game.

The Old Realms mod workforce has to this point launched an early beta of the mod, which is considerably unstable however consists of the Empire of Man and the Vampire Counts factions. The modders have created a great deal of new belongings for Bannerlord, with detailed items like Cairn Wraiths and necromancers. There’s magic, too – area-of-effect spells and summoning rituals could be carried out on the battlefield, relying in your chosen character and faction.

Eventually, the workforce hopes to utterly rework Calradia into Warhammer Fantasy’s Old World, and the proposed map stretches from the forests exterior Flensburg within the west to Castle Drakenhof within the east.

Dwarfs and orcs needs to be the subsequent factions obtainable throughout “Stage 1” of improvement. In Stage 2, the modders plan so as to add in Chaos, Norsca, and Kislev.

If you wish to strive it out for your self, or simply comply with together with the mod’s improvement, head over to ModDB and obtain the beta. You’ll want the newest model of Harmony with the intention to set up The Old Realms, so make sure to snag that over on Nexus Mods first.

Our information to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords mods provides you with some pointers in the event you’re in search of different issues to customize within the game.