A few weeks in the past we lastly acquired to see how Grand Cathay – the legendary Warhammer Fantasy race – was being delivered to life by Creative Assembly in Total War: Warhammer III. Between the studio’s reveal trailer and Games Workshop’s personal weblog submit, we acquired to see quite a lot of element on what the brand new race shall be like.

What we haven’t seen, although, is the total army roster. We’ve had the unit lists now for each Kislev and the Khorne Chaos faction, however each of those got here a bit after the respective races’ preliminary reveal. There’s no timeline but on when Cathay will get its full army reveal, however one dilligent fan – Jejinak – has determined to not wait and pulled collectively a speculative army listing based mostly on the trailer and the lore drops which were launched to this point.

We might be sure of some issues. For instance, the Dragon Emperor’s kids Miao Ying and Zhao Ming are confirmed to be Cathay’s Legendary Lord choices, with loads of background lore. We’ve additionally seen the Terracotta Sentinels, and the Kongming Sky Lanterns and Sky-junks. Other potential models are a bit extra speculative nevertheless.

Here’s the Reddit thread the place Jejinak pulls collectively stills and artwork, together with both confirmed or speculative names for varied models:

You can see Jejinak has tried to map out what sort of models Cathay could have, from primary ‘levy’ varieties, to extra highly effective choices because the Jade Warriors and the Celestial Dragon Guard. There are additionally a number of stills of varied conflict machines – not less than two kinds of artillery, and a few massive glowing orb which in the intervening time fans assume is a ‘Wu-Xing War Compass’.

We additionally don’t know what sort of lesser heroes and lords Cathay will get both, however Jejinak has highlighted a number of figures who seemed like they stood out from the group which may match the invoice. There are a number of male warriors in additional ornate armour, in addition to a few feminine warriors that look to be in positions of authority – together with a few masked figures who Jejinak assume is likely to be mages of some form.

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Ultimately, we received’t know for certain till Creative Assembly shares the official roster. Total War: Warhammer III has been delayed, and is predicted to launch on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store in early 2022.