When Total War: Warhammer III launches early subsequent yr, it’ll introduce the faction of Grand Cathay together with the daemons of Chaos. Team Big and Red has gotten a lot of display screen time within the trailers and teasers we’ve seen for the technique game up to now, however recently Creative Assembly has been offering extra particulars on Cathay. Now, the studio has launched the nation’s launch-day legendary lords, a pair of celestial demi-gods named Miao Ying and Zhao Ming.

Miao Ying and Zhao Ming are sister and brother, the kids of the Celestial Dragon Emperor. As such, they’re each literal dragons themselves, succesful of switching between dragon and human types because the state of affairs requires. Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon, is the Emperor’s eldest baby, and he or she guidelines Nan-Gau on the western edge of the Great Bastion in northern Cathay. Known because the City of Smoke, Nan-Gau is an industrial middle the place Cathay’s nice weapons of struggle are solid and smithed.

Her brother Zhao Ming is named the Iron Dragon, and from his highly effective metropolis of Shang-Yang, he guidelines Cathay’s western reaches. As Total War: Warhammer III’s marketing campaign begins, Zhao Ming is a bit surrounded. Unlike his sister, whose main concern is the daemons threatening her from the northern wastes, Zhao Ying’s borders are threatened by unruly mobs of Skaven, Greenskins, Ogres, and others – however his standing as a dragon could afford him the chance to make use of these factions to his benefit.


The newest lore put up from Creative Assembly hints that Zhao Ming is rumoured to have been tainted by the warpstone that fascinates the Skaven. It’s sufficient that his dragon siblings regard him as a bit of a black sheep within the household, though it’s stated that the Moon Empress has all the time had a mushy spot for her wayward son.

Whichever legendary lord you choose as Cathay, it sounds as if there might be a lot to handle each domestically and overseas when the marketing campaign kicks off in earnest.

We’ll discover out extra when the Total War: Warhammer III launch date arrives in early 2022.