If you’re nostalgic on your historic Xbox 360 Gamerpic — sufficiently old to drive in some states — Xbox engineers have cooked up a method so that you can restore it to your profile on a contemporary machine.

Microsoft engineering lead Eden Marie revealed last night on Twitter that Xbox Series X players within the Alpha Skip Ahead Insider group now have the choice of selecting the final Gamerpic they used on their account in the course of the Xbox 360 days. It reveals up on the high of the record of the handfuls of inventory gamerpics presently accessible.

Marie mentioned this solely reveals up for players who’ve ever had an Xbox 360 Gamerpic, and if their present (i.e. Xbox One or Xbox Series X) Gamerpic isn’t already the one they have been utilizing from the Xbox 360.

Why would possibly this be helpful? In the Xbox One period, Avatars and Gamerpics modified a few instances, and there was by no means an choice for importing your Xbox 360 Gamerpic straight. Lots of individuals took snapshots of their OG avatars laughing, juggling, or doing foolish stuff, for instance, and have become fairly hooked up to it.

Furthermore, the classic 12 Gamerpics that have been included with the Xbox 360 from its 2005 launch have been successfully unavailable until you went to the difficulty of discovering a .png of the Pensive Panda, Scowling Monkey, or Jaded Beanie-Wearing Bubblegum Kid some other place, and used the customized add function to maintain it in your profile.

If you need to change your present pic to a type of, you’ll want an Xbox 360 helpful, and alter your pic there as you’ll usually. I simply logged again in and, yep, they’re nonetheless there.

Eurogamer explained that this alteration was carried out after the top of August, when Marie solved the issue behind one player’s continually shrinking Gamerpic, which they’d purchased for 80 Microsoft Points ($1 in 2005, $1.40 adjusted for inflation, $2.38 MSRP at the moment). Resolutions elevated with every console era however the image measurement didn’t go together with it. You would possibly bear in mind this in the event you tried carrying over your Gamerpic from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One when that launched in 2013.

A Gamerpic of Boba Fett, wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide shirt, jorts, and mandals, twirling a Red Dead Redemption lasso.

Pictured: The writer ca. 2010.
Image: Microsoft through dudemanbestbro1

The latest modifications imply merely that original image could be introduced ahead at full measurement. It would possibly look like a small factor, however I’m psyched to carry again my original pic: an Avatar snapshot of Boba Fett, carrying an Alabama Crimson Tide shirt, jorts, and mandals, twirling a Red Dead Redemption lasso.