Ray tracing is a luxurious that’s often related to new GPU know-how. However, due to the efforts of a Direct3D developer, older AMD playing cards can now, unofficially, get pleasure from the advantages of fancy rendering and lighting tips on Linux.

According to Phoronix, developer Joshua Ashton’s has submitted a merge request that features ray tracing assist for previous generations of AMD GPUs. This is one thing that Ashton states is achieved by “emulating the AMD bvh intersection instructions in software”. Naturally, the unofficial RADV driver assist will allow ray tracing on Navi, Vega, and Polaris playing cards, but the options received’t essentially work as meant.

While the magic of emulation is sufficient to make utilizing the drivers doable, AMD’s legacy lineup lacks bodily Ray Accelerators, one thing that’s integral to efficiency with regards to ray tracing duties. Even with devoted GPU cores, the sunshine rendering approach is sufficient to make even Nvidia RTX and AMD Radeon RX playing cards sweat. That stated, Ashton’s merge request states that the method “passes CTS the same as on RDNA 2 cards”, so maybe the software program resolution will yield some stunning outcomes.

Getting maintain of a brand new graphics card in 2021 isn’t any simple feat, so Ashton’s Vulkan port could possibly be a short lived different for anybody eager to expertise ray tracing on their present rig. However, when you choose settings that increase fps over constancy, you’ll most likely need to sit this experiment out.