Metroid Dread’s Burenia Drogyga boss fight pits you towards a octopus-like monster. The twist this time is that you just’re underwater. Polygon’s Metroid Dread Drogyga boss fight guide provides you with suggestions for each phases of the fight and present you the strikes to observe for and keep away from them. We’ll assist you to defeat the Burenia boss.

Table of contents

Drogyga Phase 1

Your purpose right here is to shoot the tentacle on high of Drogyga. Use extra common Power Beam and Charged Shots than missiles right here — you don’t get lots again, so save them.

  • Drogyga will fireplace three projectiles at you. You can (and will) shoot the blue ones for vitality and missiles. The pink ones are invulnerable, so simply keep away from them.
  • Drogyga will slash at you with tentacles. Stay in a nook and leap over them — it helps to maneuver towards Drogyga a short time you leap.

Once you have got shot the tentacle sufficient, shoot the button on the wall with a Charged Shot, after which Grapple Beam as much as the Spider Magnet panel on the ceiling. Ride to the far facet, and Charged Shot the opposite button.

Drogyga will open its mouth(?) and expose a weak level. Keep hitting it with missiles as quick as you’ll be able to.

After sufficient harm, Drogyga will increase a tentacle. Melee Counter this one to enter a Grab Phase (and get some vitality and missiles).

Drogyga Phase 2

There’s not a lot completely different within the second a part of the Drogyga boss battle. It’s mainly a remix of the primary half.

  • There are two pink and one blue projectile. Just deal with the blue one.
  • Drogyga slashes with its tentacle faster. Stay close to the nook to provide your self slightly extra time to react.
  • There’s a brand new tentacle assault, and also you solely transfer is to keep away from them. Along the ground, you’ll see all three tentacles coil collectively. When this occurs, use your Grapple Beam to achieve the ceiling.

Repeat this course of, dodging, taking pictures, and grappling till Drogyga is dead.