The open-world gameplay of Far Cry 6 isn’t a lot completely different than its predecessors, however there’s loads new to discover. There are a handful of programs within the newest game that newcomers and veterans alike ought to find out about.

In this Far Cry 6 beginner’s information, we’ll provide you with ideas and tricks to turn out to be the very best guerrilla you will be. This information will train you about weapon modifications, why you need to use completely different Supremos and Resolver weapons, learn how to use your Amigos, and exploration methods.

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How to vary your hearth fee

While firearms like shotguns and sniper rifles have predictable charges of fireside, different weapons can swap the variety of bullets they hearth with every set off pull. Knowing learn how to change your fee of fireside can drastically alter how some weapons deal with, letting you modify them to fit your choice.

Changing the rate of fire in Far Cry 6

On PlayStation, you press Square to vary fee of fireside
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

To change your fee of fireside, deliver up your weapon wheel. When highlighting sure weapons, like rifles, you’ll see a white button immediate within the heart of the display screen under the ammo kind. Pressing the highlighted button or key will cycle by the completely different charges of fireside obtainable to that weapon. For occasion, some rifles have the flexibility to shoot a single bullet, a burst of three, or convert to totally automated hearth with every set off pull.

How to get extra Supremo and Resolver weapons

Supremo and Resolver weapons can provide the edge in fight. However, in contrast to different firearms you discover scattered throughout Yara, these two weapon sorts aren’t as simple to return by.

As a part of the game’s development system, you could rank as much as unlock new Supremo and Resolver weapon crafting. When finishing missions, you achieve expertise factors that contribute to your character’s rank. With every new tier, you achieve the flexibility to craft a brand new set of Supremo and Resolver weapons.

The Resolver weapon screen in Far Cry 6

Ranking up offers you entry to raised weapons
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

Unlike different video games that provide you with new skills and powers as you stage up, Far Cry 6 offers you entry to new Supremo and Resolver weapons as a approach to improve your energy. Crafting new Supremo and Resolver weapons requires you to both go to Juan at your principal base, or you may find one in every of his arms sellers at any of your liberated bases. These highly effective weapons do require massive chunks of depleted uranium to craft which you get for finishing essential missions.

Don’t neglect your Amigos and their skills

Amigos in Far Cry 6 are animal companions that help you in fight. Each one focuses on distinctive methods, in order you recruit extra, you should utilize them in numerous eventualities.

While every Amigo has rapid utility in fight, they will additionally achieve skills over time. Most of their new skills unlock passively as you employ them, whereas others require your enter.

An information screen about the Amigo Guapo in Far Cry 6

Amigos get stronger the extra you employ them
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

For occasion, your first Amigo, Guapo, can achieve their first means after reviving themselves 5 occasions, whereas their third means requires you to command them to take down 50 targets.

Each Amigo has completely different necessities to unlock new skills. You can verify their progress by going to your principal menu > Amigos menu > spotlight the companion you wish to examine > and then press the small print button. Inside this menu, you may examine every Amigo’s principal expertise plus the necessities and progress to unlock their three extra skills.

Follow smoke to steal provide drops

While navigating by Far Cry 6’s island paradise of Yara, you would possibly see smoke on the horizon. If you come throughout billowing orange and yellow smoke, make your method towards it. You’ll be rewarded.

A smoking supply drop in Far Cry 6

Steal these provide drops when you may
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

Where there’s smoke, there’s a provide drop you may steal. These containers of assets drop randomly, however you might also study them by notes discovered within the game or by phrase of mouth. Either method, provide drops are nice methods to pile up on crafting assets with little effort.

If you occur upon a provide drop randomly, there’s probability it gained’t be guarded. In that case, loot it freely. If you want to safe a provide drop you discovered about by a notice or from one other character, there’s an opportunity you will have to struggle for the assets. Some provide drops are situated on small bases, whereas others could be within the strategy of being dropped someplace on the island. In the latter case, you’ll need to race to safe the loot earlier than enemy forces take it for themselves.

Talk to these you rescue

Whenever you liberate a base or checkpoint, pleasant Libertad forces take over these places. Not solely do these areas turn out to be quick journey factors and zones the place you may drop off automobiles, however it’s also possible to discover missions there.


New allies supply missions or provide places
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

When strolling round a newly liberated space, take note of the pleasant forces occupying your environment. Often they may name out to you. Hear them out. These characters will tip you off to a provide drop or facet mission you may participate in. It’s all the time value paying consideration as a result of the quick missions they provide are a good way to assemble up extra crafting assets or missions that can assist you rank up.

Build up your camp

One of the primary camps you may construct in Far Cry 6 is the bottom at Montero Farms. Constructing new services on a camp like this offers you entry to new gadgets, skills, and entry to gameplay parts like fishing.

To start constructing your camp, communicate to a foreman to deliver up the development desk menu.

The construction desk screen in Far Cry 6

New services open up new skills and assets
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

Camp Facilities unlock new elements of the game, and you may improve them to additional improve what you are able to do in Far Cry 6. You can construct the next services at camps:

  • The Hideout Network immediately unlocks the Wingsuit and permits you to buy Hideout places to arrange quick journey factors.
  • A Guerilla Garrison locations Recon Laptops at vantage factors that can assist you higher scout enemy bases.
  • Creating a Fishing Hut unlocks fishing spots the place … you guessed it: You can go fishing.
  • Setting up La Cantina permits you to commerce meat to create meals that grant momentary buffs.
  • Bandidos Barracks provide the means to enlist recruits for Bandido Operations that passively enable you to achieve assets.
  • The Hunter’s Lodge unlocks looking spots and opens up a store particularly catered to looking.

As you construct out new services, you may communicate to the foreman to additional improve these buildings and unlock extra upgrades and perks. For occasion, upgrades to your Hideout Network will ultimately allow you to spawn new automobiles at these smaller bases or provide the choice to recharge your Supremo weapons upon coming into.