Metroid Dread’s Artaria Corpius boss fight pits you towards a scorpion-like monster. It’s your first boss fight, and might pose fairly the problem.

In this Metroid Dread Corpius boss fight information will provide you with ideas for each part of the fight. We’ll make it easier to defeat the scorpion boss and declare the Phantom Cloak swimsuit improve.

Corpius boss fight

Through the door it’s a must to punch open, you’ll discover your first boss fight.

Corpius Phase 1

For the primary part of the fight, Corpius solely has a couple of strikes.

  • The tail will draw again in a coil and rattle, and it’ll strike out at you. Jump over it.
  • It’ll spit acid at you. If you’re fast, shoot the acid ball for some vitality and missiles.
  • The tail will draw again and strike down from overhead.

Your purpose is to shoot it within the head with missiles or Charged Beams. When it attracts again for an overhead strike, run towards it. When you’re below the tail, you’ll have a couple of seconds to unload safely.

Corpius Phase 2

Once you deal sufficient harm, Corpius will flip invisible. Your solely goal will probably be a glowing spot close to the tip of the tail.

The strikes are the identical, although, so simply maintain capturing at that one glowing spot. Just your Power Beam will work right here, so don’t waste the missiles.

Corpius Phase 3

When it turns into seen once more, Corpius can have its again to you. Slide beneath. Just as you go its head, Melee Counter and fireplace. This will set off a sequence the place you’ll be able to unload missiles straight into its mouth.

Corpius Phase 4

The course is flipped this time, however there’s just one new transfer to be careful for:

  • It’ll breath acid in a line towards you. When this occurs, soar as much as the Spider Magnet panel on the wall.

Everything else about this part is similar because the earlier two. The Spider Magnet panel offers you the prospect to leap over Corpius when it will get too shut.

Phantom Cloak

Keep repeating the phases (and particularly the Melee Counter sequence) till you defeat Corpius. You’ll decide up the Phantom Cloak as a reward.