Metroid Dread’s Dairon (but additionally Ferenia) Robot Chozo Soldier boss fight pits you in opposition to a robotic Chozo. It’s a fast-paced and fast boss battle, leaving you little room for error. Polygon’s Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Soldier guide provides you with suggestions for each part of the fight and educate you tips on how to determine and reply to each assault.

(Also, technically, this fight takes place in Ferenia, however you’ll encounter it in your means via Dairon.)

Robot Chozo Soldier assaults

There are 4 Robot Chozo Soldier strikes to observe for:

  • Three beam photographs. Jump over and round them.
  • Charged beam shot. Jump over it.
  • Blue slash. This transfer might be melee countered for missiles and power.
  • Red slash. This transfer can’t be countered. Your job is to leap and Flash Shift (twice) to get behind the Robot Chozo Soldier.

Robot Chozo Soldier technique

This fight is all about two issues:

  1. Unloading as many missiles as potential, whereas …
  2. … Flash Shifting backwards and forwards over the Robot Chozo Soldier.

Be relentless, however preserve your distance. More distance is healthier. Our video above reveals your complete fight (warts and all).

Don’t counter the blue slashes. Instead, think about getting out of their means. But it’s your solely technique to resupply missiles and power in the course of the fight, you’ll want to observe for the chance.