FFV Pixel Remaster Release Date Falls in November


The subsequent Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster entry is on the way in which. Final Fantasy V is about to make its comeback. Square Enix will launch it subsequent month. To be particular, the FFV Pixel Remaster launch date is November 10, 2021.

As a reminder, FFV follows Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Galuf. The group endeavor to guard their world’s Crystals. This installment is especially well-known for its job system. There are over 20 courses for individuals to take. (Though, relying on the model, the quantity varies. The Game Boy Advance launch had a further 4.)

Square Enix’s been releasing the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster entries at a reasonably regular clip. The first three video games all appeared on the identical day: July 28, 2021. There was a quick hole earlier than the FFIV launch on September 8, 2021. Now, about two months later comes the FFV Pixel Remaster launch date. The solely remaining entry is FFVI. It solely has a 2021 launch window.

The FFV Pixel Remaster launch date is November 10, 2021. People will have the ability to play it on PCs via Steam and each Android and Apple iOS gadgets. It shall be 20% off till November 30, 2021.