First FFVII The First Soldier Costumes Include Cloud, Tifa, Rufus and Hojo


Now that Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is out, so are a few of the preliminary costumes impressed by the unique FFVII video games. There are two methods to get outfits based mostly on different characters. There will probably be each Outfit Bundles and a Season 1 Pass with skins. To begin, individuals will be capable of gown just like the FFVII Remake variations of Cloud, Tifa, Rufus, and Hojo.

The FFVII The First Soldier Season 1 Pass is Rise of Shinra. It prices 1,000 Shinra Credits. (1,300 prices $9.99.) People get varied themed costumes this manner. Some of the extra common costumes are the SOLDIER third Class outfit at stage 1, Shock Trooper costume at stage 15, Unknown Entity at stage 50, Military Issue Long Coat like Sephiroth’s at stage 60, and Scorpion Sentinel at stage 80. The FFVII Remake Hojo costume is a stage 30 reward, whereas individuals want to achieve stage 100 for the Rufus outfit. Both the Hojo and Rufus outfits have male and feminine variations.

As for the FFVII Remake Cloud and Tifa skins, they’re solely accessible in FFVII The First Soldier Outfit Bundles. Cloud’s prices 3,600 Shinra Credits. It gives male and feminine variations. People get his Buster Sword, emote, accent, and banner. (2,800 Shinra Credits is $19.99. Since there’s no 800 possibility, solely 610, somebody would want to get it and a $9.99 1,300 bundle.) The Tifa bundle is 2,800 Shinra Credits and solely applies to feminine avatars. In addition to the pores and skin, accent, banner, and emote, individuals get weapon and bike skins.

While there isn’t a pores and skin that utterly turns a personality into Aerith, there may be an outfit of her at launch. For 1,800 SC, you may get her FFVII Remake costume. That consists of her gown, jacket, and boots. That is on the market till November 19, 2021.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is on the market for Android and Apple iOS gadgets. The Season 1 Pass contains FFVII Remake variations of Rufus and Hojo till February 28, 2022.