Hearthstone Fractured in Alterac Valley card reveal – meet Brasswing


The remaining Hearthstone card reveal season of 2021 is upon us, which implies we’ve got one thing particular to point out off. The subsequent Hearthstone enlargement takes gamers to the snowy panorama of Alterac Valley, a preferred battleground for Horde and Alliance forces to struggle in opposition to one another. Remember the mercenaries from the Forged in the Barrens enlargement? They’re returning to the game as highly effective Hero playing cards with game-changing skills this time round.

This enlargement additionally introduces Objectives, a brand new kind of spell that has results which final for 3 turns. These spells have the potential to show the tide of battle when performed early in a match, however you could have to sacrifice a flip’s price of mana first. We even have a brand new key phrase: Honorable Kill. Cards with the new key phrase achieve a bonus impact once they kill minions with actual injury, which leads us to our card reveal.

We’re happy to reveal Brasswing, an epic eight-cost minion that’s unique to the Paladin class. Featuring a whopping 9 assault and 7 well being, Brasswing is a harmful risk to most minions. The textual content on the card reads: “At the end of your turn, deal two damage to all enemies. Honourable Kill: Restore four Health to your hero.”

Hearthstone’s remaining enlargement of the 12 months usually raises the game’s energy stage, and Brasswing is one other instance of this. As lengthy as Brasswing is on the board, your opponent has to cope with their total facet of the board receiving two injury every flip, together with their face.

The Honorable Kill impact makes this card significantly sturdy because it forces your opponent to contemplate what minions they play rigorously. Against aggro decks, the card is able to clearing a number of minions and granting well being to your hero, all with out having to assault. If you’re developing in opposition to a Brasswing, you need to suppose twice about utilizing low-cost minions.

Here’s the card:

A new Paladin minion called Brasswing that's coming to Hearthstone

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