Here’s How Some Whip Moves Will Change in KOF XV


One of the newest KOF XV characters SNK confirmed off is Whip, and now there are extra particulars about her return. Character Designer Tomohiro Nakata mentioned how she modified this time round. He additionally highlighted the truth that she’s not solely allied with Heidern’s crew, however isn’t on Team Ikari both.

Here’s Nakata’s full assertion on how Whip works in KOF XV.

With her trusty whip “Voodoo” by her aspect, this fierce soldier has carried out numerous missions with spectacular marks.

Though Heidern is her commanding common, she will not be a part of his crew nor Team Ikari.

Many of you I’m certain are excited to see what occurs when the Ikari unit pulls as much as the scene, however that data is assessed, non-public!

Ahem, anyway in regard to her actions, she will now cancel from her far C (first hit), crouching A, and her ahead A (first hit), giving her extra choices from mid-range.

Moreover, the assault Strength Shot Type B “Code: Strength,” which was initially 2 hits with the second hit pulling the opponent shut, is now simply that second hit. With this, Whip is ready to pull her enemies shut not solely on hit, but additionally on block.

To make the deal sweeter, she will additionally transfer first earlier than her opponent reacts, too.

The game is about to get much more enjoyable with Whip as you catch your opponents off-guard from mid-range and cancel into devastating specials from her regular assaults.

Prior to the discuss how Whip will behave in KOF XV, Nakata talked about some newer characters. Last time, the character designer went over Isla and Dolores.

KOF XV will seem on February 17, 2022 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC by way of Steam and Epic Games Store.