In Victoria 3, your admirals are the key to dominating the sea


In a lot the similar manner that it’s making large adjustments to the manner warfare is performed, Victoria 3 is shifting gears for its naval administration layer. That’s a vastly vital piece of the game, too: the interval from 1836-1936 was in some ways outlined by world oceanic commerce, and the management of key transport lanes. A brand new dev diary explains how the grand technique game is approaching this facet of empire administration.

Navies in Victoria 3 are going to operate in some ways like armies will. Specifically, you’re not going to be shifting particular person ships or flotillas round, however moderately giving orders to your admirals, who will then use the ships and assets out there to them to attempt to perform these orders as finest they’ll.

There are key variations between navies and armies, nevertheless – importantly, navies function on the sea, and as the diary factors out, the shifting entrance system that defines land warfare can be meaningless on the open ocean. Instead, admirals could be ordered to do issues like patrol, raid convoys, help beachheads, or run blockades on ports or straits.

The naval system clearly has a whole lot of interplay with the commerce system, at the very least for nations that conduct trans-oceanic enterprise. Depending on how lengthy your commerce route is – that’s, what number of nodes you want to join two ports – you’ll want flotillas of various sizes and compositions to adequately shield it.

Like every part else in Victora 3, your navy is a product of, and part of, your financial community and provide chain. Naval bases are handled as manufacturing buildings that ‘consume’ particular person ships, which are themselves produced in shipyards, to ‘produce’ flotillas.

A key distinction between Victoria 3’s military battalions and its navies, nevertheless, is the proven fact that navies are all the time totally energetic, and are thus wildly costly to preserve operational. While generals can stand down throughout peacetime and drastically scale back their overheads, admirals will always want assets and cash.

We’ll be placing our commodore’s hats on when the Victoria 3 launch date arrives, hopefully early subsequent yr.