Interplay and Passion Pictures are working on Earthworm Jim TV series


Earthworm Jim was an enormous hit on the SEGA Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo again within the 90’s and it has emerged at present that the builders at Interplay Entertainment are working laborious to create an Earthworm Jim animated TV series. Interplay just lately fashioned a brand new TV and movie studio division and has since joined forces with British-based animation studio, Passion Pictures, with the hope of making an Earthworm Jim-themed cartoon. You can verify an an animated teaser within the tweet beneath.

“I remember loving ‘Earthworm Jim’ as a kid. And there’s so much potential in this story universe: a galaxy full of animals battling for power.  Jim is an earthworm in a universe where Earth is nothing more than a myth. His struggle to find meaning is surreal and comical, but it’s also relatable.”

Director, Michel Ok. Parandi 

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to create a show for an iconic character that we grew up both playing on Genesis, and watching on TV. The fans have matured and deserve a current take as we bring in new audiences.”

Producer, Aaron Billet