Outriders New Horizon Update Brings New Expeditions


Square Enix has introduced a massive free update for multiplayer looter shooter Outriders. Due to reach tomorrow, November 16, the Outriders New Horizon replace provides 4 new Expeditions and a Transmog System, in addition to making modifications to a number of of the game’s techniques. Then someday in spring 2022 gamers will be capable to take pleasure in Outriders‘ first major expansion when Worldslayer arrives.

Four new “massive” Expeditions are the highlight of the free New Horizon update, taking players to previously unexplored areas of Enoch. Each has a mini-story that connects them to the characters and events of the Outriders‘ main storyline. The first of the expeditions can be started by all players, including those new to the game. The others will be unlocked one at a time at CT4, CT8, and CT12. To help players complete the new content—and get the most of the existing Expeditions—Expedition Timers have also been removed so players will get the reward regardless of how long it takes them to complete the job.

  • Molten Depths will send you back to Eagle Peaks. When a drop pod signal activated, Dunham investigated and found a hidden power station. In order to take it back online, she wants you to clear out the station from any unwanted tenants, no matter the size, shape and form.

  • The City of Nomads will confront you with a character, who is haunted by the sins of his past. Very aware of his dark history, you decide to help him in protecting the old Pax village Uketu Atarah.

  • In The Marshal’s Complex, Corrigan, the nice grand marshal himself asks you to reclaim a facility close to Deadrock Pass, taken by insurgents. It gained’t take you lengthy to find that this facility is something however simply one other rebel camp.

  • Last however not least: The Wellspring. Tiago advised you concerning the Pax legend of a sacred place known as Atuma ih Taru, the place pilgrims would take lengthy travels to sacrifice their treasures into deep wells. You and your workforce are in the hunt for these forgotten riches, if it wasn’t for this large storm that appears to get stronger and stronger.

The new Transmogrification system lets gamers change the looks of an merchandise so it matches that of one other, all whereas preserving the mods, stats, and skills of the unique weapon. The course of is free and might be accessed by a brand new tab within the Customization Menu or a shortcut within the merchandise’s Detail View display. Other modifications embrace the alteration of Tiago’s Store to permit for Legendary gear re-rolls and thriller Legendary gear.

Full patch notes might be discovered on the Outriders Reddit however a quick abstract might be discovered under.

Outriders New Horizon Update Patch Notes

Headline Changes:

  • Expedition Timers have been eliminated

  • Four New Expeditions Added

  • Transmog System Added

  • Tiago’s Store has been Reworked

  • Legendary Loot Drops and Farming Information and Changes

  • Changes to Legendary Sets

  • Changes to Mods + Bug Fixes

  • Changes to Class Trees + Bug Fixes

  • Changes to Skills + Bug Fixes

  • The Stadia model can now additionally crossplay with all different platforms.

General Changes:

  • The video that performs when launching Outriders can now be skipped on all platforms aside from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • The Eye of the Storm now features a pick-and-choose Legendary merchandise reward.

  • Added a Quick Mark performance to Vendors.

  • Improved the readability of Mod descriptions, particularly when considered on a big TV or Monitor. This change signifies that sure data is now considered on the Details window reasonably than within the Quick View window.

  • Reduced the quantity of background audio of sure menu and loading screens.

  • Added a minimal harm restrict for the Brood Mother’s “Perforate” capacity. This will guarantee the power doesn’t have too giant of a disparity in its min/max harm output.

  • Changed the Heir to the Desert configuration in order that it now performs like an Assault Rifle (as meant and described) reasonably than a Submachine Gun.

Bug Fixes General:

  • Fixed a progress blocker within the “Mentor” fundamental quest which might forestall a cutscene from triggering.

  • Fixed a bug that might trigger Alpha Perforo’s to interrupt out of CC (such because the Frozen or Ash standing results) in the event that they have been staggered.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Heart of the Wild” Expedition from progressing if a Venomous Perforo was the final enemy to die throughout one of many battles.

  • Fixed a bug within the “Chem Plant” Expedition that would trigger the the participant’s main weapon to make use of the mods of their secondary weapon in the event that they modified weapons whereas activating the lever.

  • Fixed a bug that brought about the tip of Expeditions abstract display to not show true values for the “Damage Blocked” stat.

  • Fixed a bug that would trigger the FOV to reset itself underneath sure situations on PC.

  • Resolved points associated to ingame invitations not being acquired underneath sure situations.

  • Various different bug and crash fixes.

Bug Fixes to Mods:

  • Fixed a bug that brought about the “Moaning Winds” mod to deal completely different harm between Host and Client. It was beforehand triggering twice for Client gamers. The harm on Client will now match the harm on Host.

  • Fixed a bug that might forestall mods inserted in armor from correctly scaling with the armors degree if the armor was upgraded by Zahedi. This bug would beforehand repair itself after an space transition.

  • Fixed a bug that brought about the “Even Odds” mod to stack 5 instances, as an alternative of the said 3 instances.

  • Changed the “Armor Boost” mod in order that it now scales to the armor merchandise it’s inserted into, reasonably than scaling with the participant degree and stopping at degree 30.

  • Fixed a bug that brought about the “Emergency Stance” mod to not set off if the harm occasion that proc’d the mod additionally inflicted “Knockback” on the participant.

  • Fixed a bug that brought about the “Anomaly Mutation” mod to not inflict the Burn or Slow standing as meant.

  • Fixed a bug that brought about the “Bullet Absorption” mod to replenish 80% as an alternative of it’s meant 40% of ammo.

  • Fixed a problem that would trigger body (FPS) drops if the “Damage Link” mod was utilizing together with the “Pain Transfer” mod.

  • Fixed a bug that would trigger the Pyromancer’s armor mod “Phoenix Force” to not enhance Anomaly Power after consuming a standing situation.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Borrowed Time to stack it’s bonus infinitely if the “Armor of Eons” and “Short Term Loan” mods have been mixed and spammed.

Bug Fixes to Skills:

  • Fixed a bug that would trigger the Tricksters “Hunt the Prey” capacity to lock up underneath sure circumstances.

  • The Devastator’s “Impale” talent now not blocks Obelisks from persevering with to cost whereas an impaled enemy is current.

  • The description for “Endless Mass” now additionally mentions the Slow standing impact that it inflicts.

  • Fixed a bug that might forestall the Technomancer “Cold Snap” talent from freezing enemies if it was triggered whereas the participant rolled off an edge.

  • Fixed a bug that would trigger Technomancer Turrets to fall by the bottom in the event that they have been thrown too low or too excessive.

  • Added the icon for the “Cryo Turret” talent to the Technomancer’s “Engineer” and “Senior Engineer” class nodes. These nodes have been already affecting the “Cryo Turret” talent anyway.

Bug Fixes to Class Nodes:

Finally, Square Enix teased a brand new Outriders enlargement as a result of arrive in spring 2022. Few particulars have been revealed concerning the Worldslayer enlargement save that it’ll proceed to discover the secrets and techniques of Enoch. You can get a glimpse on the upcoming content material in at this time’s new trailer.

The New Horizon replace is obtainable free for everybody on November sixteenth.

[Source: Square Enix, Reddit]