SMT V Kaya-no-Hime Inspired by Princess Caricature


The Atlus Twitter account has posted the newest commentary from character designer Masayuki  Doi with regard to how Kaya-no-Hime seems in SMT V. While Atlus was releasing its day by day demon digests previous to the official SMT V launch, we noticed that Kaya-no-Hime is a magic-oriented demon. In Japanese mythology, she is a goddess of farming and fields.

Here’s Doi’s full assertion concerning Kaya-no-Hime. Along with explaining her title and design, he additionally mentions the that Kaya-no-Hime’s design makes use of outdated ideas from SMT IV: Apocalypse.

Today, I’d wish to introduce Kaya-no-Hime. We’re exhibiting each her retouched 3D mannequin and her idea artwork, as she was one more demon we hadn’t meant as an example individually.

Kaya-no-Hime is a goddess from Japanese mythology, the fabled daughter of Izanagi and Izanami. The phrase “Kaya” refers to dried straws utilized in thatch roofs, and he or she is claimed to be the ancestral deity of grass or, in some areas pickled greens.

For this game, we designed her in order that the straws would kind what resembles a straw doll. The straws that make up her physique have been wearing conventional Japanese garbs and ornaments.

Her extra human-like elements have been impressed however the “Hime” in her title, which implies “princess.” As such, we determined to make her look considerably naive and just a little ditsy, leaning into the “oblivious princess” caricature the place we may. A short time again, these kinds of characters have been typically employed in Japanese interval dramas so as to give the tales a little bit of a comedic contact, however we don’t actually see them too typically as of late.

On a separate observe, there are a handful of demons on this game that we designed with out having any specific story function in thoughts. These have been mainly stray demons whose design preceded their goal, and since they weren’t essentially confined to a particular narrative function, we have been in a position to be extra experimental and modern in our method. In a manner, I really feel it was these intervals of having the ability to actually let unfastened that gave us the largest sense of pleasure and satisfaction throughout growth.

Kaya-no-Hime’s design goes again to earlier growth phases as nicely, as she’s really the results of us customizing and remodeling an older concept we nixed for SMT IV: Apocalypse. There are so many extra design concepts and demons that we’ve stockpiled for potential use sooner or later, so if we ever get the prospect, we’d like to convey them out in future titles.

Previous demons that Doi provides some commentary on embody Aitvaras, Khonsu, and Hydra.