SMT V Nuwa Takes Unconventional Approach to Design


SMT V character designer Masayuki Doi has offered some more commentary on the aesthetics and ideas behind the demons that seem within the game. This time, he talks about Nuwa’s goddess kind. As this text discusses Nuwa’s function and look within the story, it is going to include spoilers from the game.

In historical Chinese mythology, Nuwa is a half-snake, half-woman determine. Usually, she has a girl’s higher physique and a snake’s decrease physique. But within the case of SMT V, Doi flips this typical illustration of Nuwa with making the snake physique appear like it’s rising from her head. This makes Nuwa appear like her higher half is a snake whereas her backside half is a girl. This methodology ends in an unconventional design that also makes use of parts from her delusion.

Doi additionally mentions that the animation staff spent a number of time on Nuwa’s transformation sequence within the game. In common, it’s uncommon for the design staff to give alternate appearances for a single demon. However, in Nuwa’s case, they made an exception due to her significance to the story.

Doi typically gives background data on the method behind bringing a design to life, whether or not it’s from the illustration stage or the precise animation stage. Other demons he mentioned embody Kaya-no-Hime, Abdiel, and Hayataro. He has additionally talked about how he designed Nuwa in SMT V earlier than, although his commentary targeted extra on her human kind.

Shin Megami Tensei V is available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. Siliconera’s evaluation can also be dwell.