Star Wars Battlefront 3 Pitch Turned Down Due to Licensing Cost


Known insider Tom Henderson has claimed that Electronic Arts turned down DICE’s pitch for Star Wars Battlefront III due to licensing prices.

Not to be confused with the cancelled Battlefront 3 within the unique Battlefront collection, Battlefront III would have been a sequel of types to 2017’s Battlefront II, which was mired in controversy due to microtransactions.

“It got turned down because it takes 20 percent more sales to make the same money,” one former developer advised Henderson. That stated, EA is presently engaged on two Star Wars titles, each of that are reportedly story-driven, single-player targeted experiences.

(*3*) Henderson added. “It would indicate a Battlefront III is very unlikely. I have seen the build file for DICE’s next title in October, currently just dubbed ‘Dev-Next,’ which indicates that the title has passed Gate 0, which is its conceptual stage. This stage usually takes a few months of time.”

Henderson clarified that it’s normal process to pitch ideas whereas a game is already in growth, so no matter ‘Dev-Next’ is, it didn’t take any growth sources away from Battlefield 2042.

“It should also be said that development can change at any given time and the next title has started development, but if Battlefront III ever gets greenlit and starts development for whatever reason, I’ll break the news,” Henderson concluded.

[Source: Twitter]