Star Wars: The Old Republic could one day add vibroblades, electrostaffs, and more


Changes on the best way to Star Wars: The Old Republic are going to drastically develop gamers choices for character customisation within the MMORPG, which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. With the game splitting lessons into origin tales and fight types, a brand new world of prospects will exist: a Republic trooper who makes use of the Imperial agent’s sniper rifle, or perhaps a Sith warrior who fights like a Jedi knight.

It’s a giant change by itself, in fact, and provides significantly to the position enjoying choices gamers can have once they determine to both start The Old Republic’s storyline anew or hop into the brand new Legacy of the Sith growth. But artistic director Charles Boyd hints that the brand new system additionally opens up extra prospects sooner or later – though he’s not prepared to speak specifics simply but.

“We haven’t announced any new combat styles or anything, or any plans to that effect,” he tells us. “But separating [origin stories from combat styles] makes that a lot more achievable for the future – so you know, that’s certainly a possibility.”

Boyd stresses that there’s no set blueprint for what’s to return right now, however the prospects are successfully limitless.

Does that imply General Grievous-level limitless?

“Grievous, I think, would have to have a whole story too, just to be a four-armed cyborg with spinning hands – that probably should have more context,” he says. “But I’m on the record many times as being a big cyborg fan. I hesitate to put too much to it, because we don’t know where it’s going to go yet. But I love the melee weapons in Star Wars: the vibroblades and electrostaffs and all that kind of stuff. I think it’d be cool to have more melee options on the tech side, for example.”

Each new piece of Star Wars media – video games, motion pictures, reveals – introduces its personal new gear to the universe, Boyd says, and there’s a lot to attract from in The Old Republic as effectively.

“In the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne expansion, you saw the cool knights who had a shield and a pike with a lightsaber on the end, that’s really cool,” he tells us. “Not saying any of those are definitely happening or not happening. But I think we have a lot of different places we could draw from and are excited to look into.”

Additional reporting by Jen Rothery