Stellaris’ next species pack features aquarium ships and a space dragon


Stellaris has one other species pack popping out to coincide with the discharge of the grand technique game’s 3.2 ‘Herbert’ replace. The Aquatics Species Pack, as you would possibly nicely guess, provides an oceanic origin, together with a marine-themed new civic, trait, and ascension perk. The Aquatic individuals fly by way of space in capital ship-sized aquariums, and search to please the dragon that circles their homeworld.

Playing with the aquatic origin, you’ll start on a peaceable ocean homeworld. There’s one challenge, although: it’s orbited by a legendary space dragon, whose perspective towards you and your individuals will decide whether or not it protects or seeks to destroy you. Apart from that, the aquatics’ new Anglers civic means you’ll have the ability to reap the benefits of the bounties of the ocean, and thrive on different oceanic worlds.

For planets that aren’t fairly as watery, don’t fear: the brand new hydrocentric ascension perk means you’ll have the ability to terraform different worlds, even importing oceans from different planets if want be. To assist try this, you’ll have a full fleet of ships that operate as interstellar aquariums, accompanied by a new adviser who has a distinctive ‘Seafarer’ voice.

Here’s a rundown of a few of the upcoming features:

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The Aquatics species pack and the Herbert replace will arrive collectively November 22. The 3.2 patch consists of a new ship browser, a new ‘pompous purists’ civic for the Humanoids species pack, new anomalies, and updates to AI behaviour.