What We Know About Saints Row Customization


In our talks with Saints Row developer Volition for our most up-to-date cowl story, it shortly turned obvious that it sees customization as a non-negotiable component of the core Saints Row expertise. Ever because the first game got here out in 2006, gamers have personalized their character’s look. Those customization choices have solely expanded all through the collection’ historical past, rising past merely having the ability to select how your character seems to be and sounds.

“Customization is one of the definitive things that Saints Row is known for,” chief artistic officer at Volition Jim Boone says. “Not just the characters, but even the vehicles. And in Saints Row IV, we introduced weapon customization. It’s extremely woven into the DNA to the degree where I feel like if you don’t have customization, it’s hard to say that you’re a full Saints Row game.”

Volition has taken every thing to the subsequent stage, giving gamers the facility to tweak normal choices like eye shade and pores and skin tone, add prosthetics to the principle character, and even censor your protagonist’s nude physique with issues like emojis. “We’ve achieved dreams,” artwork director Frank Marquart says. “There were things that we really tried and we could not do on previous titles that we can now do in this game.”

While we don’t know exactly what parts of The Boss we’ll have the ability to customise when Saints Row launches subsequent 12 months, you may proceed to unlock new choices on your character, weapons, autos, and extra. “A target from day one is to be the kings of customization,” artistic director Brian Traficante says. “We want to give our players all the things they’ve had in the past and more. That’s what we’ve done.”

Saints Row could reel in a number of the extra over-the-top parts of the franchise’s most up-to-date entries, nevertheless it has taken the customization parts to new ranges. You can create a personality anyplace on the gender spectrum, consisting of any race, and even go wild and create a whole monster.

Saints Row

When you take part in one other trademark component of Saints Row, cooperative play, all your customization choices carry into the session. “Each co-op player looks exactly how you have customized them when in a co-op session,” says Boone. “All the customization options you have entered will be on full display without limited.”

On high of character customization, you possibly can tweak different beauty parts to tailor the expertise. As you progress via the game, you possibly can anticipate to personalize your autos, weapons, and gang. Additionally, as you play via missions and develop the Saints empire, your church headquarters additionally improves with beauty choices and visible upgrades.

Volition tells us it has rather more to disclose by way of customization, so we’re eagerly anticipating studying all in regards to the methods we will make the protagonist (and the world round them) our personal when Saints Row launches on February 25. For extra on Saints Row, head to our unique protection hub via the beneath banner.