You won’t get banned for FFXIV ERP – as long as it’s private and consenting


If you’ve performed Final Fantasy XIV, you’ve most likely walked previous a mostly-nude Miqo’te dancing in Limsa Lominsa with the RP icon subsequent to their identify. If , . If you don’t, you must maintain strolling. Today, the builders of FFXIV have issued a serious enlargement on the foundations round harassment, and it consists of some particular pointers on erotic role-playing eventualities.

Using emotes to “mimic grinding against another character” or which might be “evocative of sexual activities” is an “obscene/indecent expression” and thus violation of the foundations – for those who’re doing it in public or with a companion who’s not into the entire thing. Basically, these items are technically in opposition to the foundations, however you’re solely prone to get in bother for it for those who’re reported.

“In the case of role-playing involving mildly sexual expressions (such as erotic role-playing) with a consenting group of two or more players, if it is conducted in a private area, it will not be considered a violation unless a report is made,” the devs clarify within the new guidelines. “However, if you encourage or invite a player to participate in such role-play without being certain of their consent, there is a high possibility that you will be reported and penalized. Please be very careful.”

This is all very humorous to see spelled out in express phrases, however there are literally some significant breakdowns on what constitutes the kind of harassment that the devs will get concerned in. “If all members of a Free Company suppose that ‘slightly vulgar jokes are not a problem and will not cause offense’, then utilizing expressions that fall beneath the class of ‘slightly vulgar jokes’ within the Free Company in query won’t be thought of a violation except it’s reported.

“However, the perception of ‘slightly vulgar jokes’ varies from person to person, and there is the possibility that what you consider to be ‘slightly vulgar jokes’ may be considered unacceptable by others. Please be careful when making these kinds of expressions.”

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So sure, we now have the FFXIV devs explaining the idea of consent. Not a nasty factor, however actually a bizarre one. Anyway, the Endwalker launch date is developing quickly, so for those who’ve obtained any celebratory in-game orgies to place collectively, you would possibly wish to begin discovering your private area now.