Horror video games are sometimes the victims of diminishing returns. Even the most effective videogame scares – the canines via the window in Resident Evil, the rusty wheelchair dying at the beginning of Silent Hill, the primary Clicker in The Last of Us – lose their energy as soon as you’ve survived them as soon as. But this is the primary time that a horror game has immediately acknowledged the style’s brief lifespan, taking your consideration span and turning it into a problem – overcome your worry, beat the massive evil in lower than two hours, and Steam will give you your a refund.

Available now, Refund Me If You Can, by unbiased developer Sungame Studio, centres on Sarah, a younger lady having a nightmare the place she’s chased via a maze by a toothy, screeching monster. As quickly as you boot it up, a clock seems on the display and begins ticking down. There are, apparently, 100 potential routes out of the labyrinth, however just one is right, and all you have to assist is a torch (which comes with one battery and can’t be recharged) and a few crimson and inexperienced chemlights that you can use to mark routes you’ve beforehand explored.

The game takes benefit of Steam’s refunds coverage, which provides a refund for “any reason…if the title has been played for less than two hours”. This implies that, theoretically, you might nonetheless apply for a refund if you take greater than two hours to flee. But, like Googling all of the soar scares earlier than you watch a horror movie, that may absolutely kill the enjoyable, particularly when Refund Me If You Can prices simply $3.99 USD.

It’s a little tough technically, however a unbelievable idea, and a good check of your nerves. If you need to take a on a distinctive horror game problem, I like to recommend attempting to win again your cash from Refund Me If You Can.