Warframe is getting an all-new single-player growth, resulting from launch earlier than the Duviri Paradox open-world growth, as revealed by developer Digital Extremes. The Warframe Veilbreaker growth will see the return of the Grineer Kahl-175 from the New War, with Rebecca Ford, Warframe’s artistic director, explaining how DE wished to discover Kahl’s story extra deeply.

“We knew Kahl needed an open ending because players really wanted to see more of him”, Ford says. “And then when we got all the reactions to Kahl we were, like, ‘Hell yeah! Let’s figure out Kahl’s story!’”

The Veilbreaker trailer reveals Kahl utilizing his jetpack to strafe away from a Tusk Thumper, an enemy with whom gamers might have tangled with across the Plains of Eidolon. Kahl shows prowess together with his signature Grakata, together with the incendiary grenades gamers have been in a position to wield when controlling him in New War.

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The Veilbreaker trailer doesn’t simply present Kahl’s continued journey, however provides the expertly designed Archon bosses from New War, which it is possible for you to to struggle in four-player boss missions.

Kahl Veilbreaker fighting an Archon

“Archons are coming back as an actual upgrade to the next tier of sortie missions,” Ford continues. “You can really dive in, and get your hands dirty with what we would consider our more endgame content. Once a week, one Archon is going to represent an armour for that week. You can take them down, and steal their Archon Crystal – [we] won’t tell you what it does, but we have a whole new upgrade system coming”.

There is at the moment no data on an actual launch date for Veilbreaker, however this smaller growth will probably launch earlier than the a lot bigger, open-world Duviri Paradox replace.