Alear and Marth Can Team Up for a Lodestar Rush in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, gamers can use Emblem Rings with their characters to crew them up with legendary heroes, which implies avatar Alear and Marth can work collectively. To assist present a bit how that works, Nintendo shared new screenshots of that specific pairing. It factors out the Engage Attack Lodestar Rush, which Alear can use when working with Marth. It additionally affords a take a look at some expertise and harm that may be dealt.

First, there’s a Fire Emblem Engage standing display exhibiting Alear and Marth paired up. At the time it’s taken, Alear has three types of swords in her stock. She has an Iron Sword, a Rapier, and one known as Liberation readily available. Three expertise are proven. There’s one known as Divinely Inspiring, the aforementioned Lodestar Rush Engage Attack, and one known as Divine Speed. Divine Speed is highlighted, to point out the way it allows Alear to carry out an additional assault and recuperate HP based mostly on it.
Alear and Marth Can Team Up for a Lodestar Rush in Fire Emblem Engage 1

The different three pictures present Alear and Marth performing the Lodestar Rush throughout a Fire Emblem Engage battle. The particulars there present the assault, when used, had a 100% hit charge and would deal six harm to an enemy 9 instances.
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Fire Emblem Engage will launch on January 20, 2023.