Bleach Thousand Year Blood War


The ongoing anime sequence adapting Bleach‘s remaining story arc is because of finish its first half quickly. An announcement on social media confirmed that the primary a part of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War season 1 will shut out on December 26, 2022. That day will see the final two episodes of the “season,” 12 and 13, aired as a mixed one-hour particular. [Thanks, ANN!]

The sequence adapts the ultimate story arc of Bleach, which was not lined earlier than the primary anime sequence was cancelled in 2012. The titular Thousand Year Blood War refers back to the longstanding and largely hidden historical past of animosity between the Soul Reapers and Quincies. Ichigo’s companion Uryuu Ishida lengthy thought himself the final surviving Quincy, however a hidden kingdom referred to as the Wandenreich survived within the shadows. Led by the Quincy King Ywach, the Wandenreich awakens, launching a devastating invasion of Soul Society and defeating a lot of its strongest protectors.

The present Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War season 1 episode, which aired on December 12, 2022, was titled “The Drop”, after the 59th quantity of the manga. It lined the duel between Gotei 13 Squad 11 Captain Kenpachi Zaraki and Squad 4 Captain Retsu Unohana. They fought to enhance Kenpachi’s preventing energy forward of additional battles towards the Quincies of the Wandenreich.

The subsequent episode of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War is episode 11, will air as scheduled on December 19, 2022. It’s titled “Everything But The Rain,” the identical because the sixtieth quantity of the Bleach manga. It’s additionally the identify of a narrative arc from the manga, one which focuses on an necessary and heretofore unknown incident involving Ichigo Kurosaki’s dad and mom.

The final episodes of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Part 1 will air on December 26, 2022, and the subsequent “season” begin date has but to be introduced. Four are deliberate in whole. A DVD and Blu-ray assortment of the season will launch in April 2023 in Japan.


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