Build a Bear finally launched the last Pokemon Eevee evolution plush of Sylveon online, with a retail debut set for January 2023.

Finally, Build-a-Bear launched its final Eevee evolution in its Pokemon plush line: Sylveon. The stuffed toy is now obtainable on-line each in the US and UK. At the second, it is solely obtainable in bundles on the storyfront. That means it prices $72/£57. However, retail debuts are on the means. The North American announcement famous it’ll present up in shops on January 5, 2023.

As is standard with the on-line bundle, it nets folks the new Build-a-Bear Pokemon plush and a few outfits. People get Sylveon with a five-in-one sound chip with its numerous cries. They additionally get two outfits for it. One is a pink cape with Poke Balls throughout it and a faux white fur lining. The different is a pink pair of pajamas that, once more, options a Poke Ball print.

Here’s a full gallery displaying Sylveon with and with out its bundle outfits, in addition to the cape and pajamas alone.
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While folks can solely get the full bundle, the web site did be aware particular person costs for objects. So when folks discover a Sylveon in a Build-a-Bear retailer, it’ll value $46/£36.

It took fairly a while for this Sylveon Eevee evolution plush to look. For reference, the final one on this line was Leafeon, and it debuted again in March 2022.

The Build-a-Bear Sylveon plush is obtainable on-line instantly and shall be in shops in the US on January 5, 2023.