Chainsaw Man Aki Hayakawa

The official account for Chainsaw Man are counting all the way down to the anime season’s remaining episode, scheduled to air on December 27, 2022. As a part of the countdown, it’s posting character-focused promos starring every of the principal figures within the ongoing story. The first promo for the countdown focuses on Chainsaw Man character Aki Hayakawa [Thanks, Dengeki!].

Check it out under.

Note that a number of the scenes proven could also be thought-about spoilers for Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man.

The Chainsaw Man Aki Hayakawa promo focuses on Aki’s persona and motivations. As a Devil Hunter for Public Safety working beneath Makima, Aki is severe and hardworking, to the purpose of seeming stoic. He retains his guard up at most occasions, main his fellow Devil Hunters to see him as overly blunt, even impolite. The callous exterior, although, belies his tendency to get connected and his hate of seeing associates endure. He even grows to look after Denji, who he initially sees as unforgivably shallow and incapable of taking his job significantly.

After dropping his household to the assault of the Gun Devil, years earlier than the occasions of Chainsaw Man, Aki grew to become a Devil Hunter to hunt revenge on it. He claims to despise Devils equally, seeing all of them as targets to finally be exterminated finally. Despite this he manages to bond with a number of together with his companions Denji and Power. Aki can be contracted to the Fox Devil. The Fox Devil’s uncommon favor for Aki enabled him to utilize the Fox Devil’s head, by framing a goal in his hand and saying “Kon” to have Fox Devil materialize and chew down on the goal.

Chainsaw Man is airing on numerous streaming companies. The final episode of the season airs on December 27, 2022. The manga is revealed in English by Viz Media.


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