A big list of quests in Genshin Impact, with three quests being incomplete

A big list of quests in Genshin Impact, with three quests being incomplete

When wanting by means of the Sumeru world quest list on the repute NPC in Sumeru City, you’ll discover an extended list of quests that you could be not be accustomed to.

If you’ve already accomplished the prolonged Aranyaka quest line, you’ll already be accomplished with a great chunk of quests, however some quests may be laborious to seek out.

Rather than being marked with the same old blue exclamation level on the map as you strategy the search NPCs, some quests are fully locked till you do some variety of particular puzzle or interplay. Our Genshin Impact hidden Sumeru quest information will list out all of the repute quests that you could be not have been capable of finding.

Three quests are locked behind commissions: “Garcia’s Paean: A Gift of Compatibility,” “Gourmet Supremos: Within Our Duties,” and “Cost-Effective Hook?”. We list the necessities to unlock these quests under utilizing the assistance of the Genshin Impact Wiki, as we haven’t gotten fortunate sufficient to get these ourselves but.

The different quests are locked behind particular interactions or puzzles. We list out these hidden world quests under. (Note that there could also be different hidden world quests, however for now we’re simply scouting out those that the repute NPC in Sumeru City has listed.)

Update (Dec. 19): We’ve added info surrounding the three world quests that require fee to finish.

A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird

Zhongli stands over three shroomboars sniffing a Sweet Flower, pondering whether or not to kill him.

To begin “A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird,” kill the Shroomboars at this location.

Where are the Fierce Creatures?

Zhongli stands in front of a foreign man in front of a tent

Talk to the NPC above, who will describe three massive beasts at three completely different areas.

Go to every location (marked under) and defeat the massive monsters. You’ll understand it’s the particular monster as a result of they’ll get an enormous well being bar on the high of the display, just like a boss struggle. For the tiger, you’ll want to put a bit of fowl on the plate and quick ahead to midnight for the beast to look.

A large Sumpter Beast in a cave in Genshin Impact

A large alligator-like creature in a mossy lake surrounded by mushrooms and flora

Zhongli stands in front of an empty plate

Once you defeat the final one, Paimon will say one thing alongside the strains “That’s all of them!” signaling you to go again to the NPC and declare your rewards.

All these monsters solely spawn as soon as, so it’s solely attainable that you’ll have killed one or two of them already. If Paimon’s voice line hasn’t been mentioned, you will be unable to say rewards. You can attempt revisiting the areas above to get her to speak. (For no matter cause, we needed to revisit the Sumpter’s spawn level after which she famous that they had been all dead, regardless that we killed the Sumpter first.)

The Price

To begin this quest, open this Common Chest on high of a roof in Port Ormos.

Zhongli stands on a roof looking at a Common Chest

Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan

In order to get this quest, you need to resolve the billboard puzzle in Sumeru City. First, you’ll have to work together with the billboard under.

Zhongli stares a billboard in Sumeru City

Then, go open the next containers and chests in order:

Zhongli swims under a dock by a floating box

The first field is underneath the docks by the fishing gap.

Zhongli stands in a fountain with a floating box in it.

The second field is close to the stage the place Nilou carried out.

Zhongli stands under a concrete bridge with a treasure chest.

The treasure chest is contained in the Sumeru Akademiya constructing, past the doorways. You’ll have to work together with the massive doorways inside to entry this room.

Zhongli swims in a lotus and lily pad-filled pool with a box in it

The fourth and last field is in the pond under the Teleport Waypoint.

After this, speak to this NPC at midday (in-game time, not actual life).

Zhongli stands in front of an NPC looking over a balcony in Sumeru

After ending that hidden achievement, the NPC shall be ready on the following location one real-life day later.

Drusus, a Sumeru NPC, standing by some flowers with a blue exclamation point over his head.

The Foolish Fatuus

To begin this quest, you’ll want to finish the eight Saghira Machine challenges on the numerous Eremite camps. We’ve marked their areas under.

A map with eight Saghira Machines circled around the perimeter of Sumeru

If you haven’t accomplished any of the Saghira Machine challenges earlier than, all you need to do is get near the machine after which discover the glowing keys inside the varied buildings. Each constructing could have damaged partitions, flooring, or ceilings so that you can leap into to get the keys. Once you get all two or three keys, head again to the mechanism and defeat the Eremites that spawn to finish the problem.

Once you’ve accomplished all eight of these, head to the particular camp we marked under to begin “The Foolish Fatuus.”

Zhongli stands on top of a building, overlooking a Fatui agent

Memory’s Final Chapter

You must have totally accomplished the lengthy “Aranyaka” quest line in order to do that quest. This quest can also be locked behind another unmarked world quests (that don’t reward repute factors). To begin the primary prerequisite quest, “Aranga’s Memory,” speak to the NPC marked under and observe the search navigation.

Zhongli stands in a dark forest in front of an old man with question marks above his head

Once you end the primary one, you’ll have to do one other unmarked quest referred to as “Aranakin’s Old Friend.” You can begin it on the location under. Again, you’ll be able to simply observe the search’s navigation to finish it.

Zhongli stands in from of an orange mushroom-like plant creature named Aranakin

The third and last prerequisite quest is known as “Arangaru’s Drawing” and you can begin it by coming into the cave marked under and clearing out the Eremite enemies. Once you defeat them, a boss Eremite will seem. Upon taking him down, Arangaru will come out with the search, which has easy-to-follow navigation to finish.

Zhongli stands in front of a cave interest with large vines and roots winding into it

After you end these three conditions, you’ll routinely get “Memory’s Final Chapter” in your journal, main you again to Mawtiyima Forest for the search.

Static Views, Part 2

To do that quest, you’ll must have accomplished the primary “Static Views” quest, which is obtainable from the mailbox in Vanarana. This quest shall be marked in your map with a blue exclamation level and isn’t hidden, however we’ve marked its beginning location under anyway.

Zhongli stands in front of a mailbox in a whimsical area with a purple glow

Once you do this, you’ll want to seek out all 10 hidden treasure chests in the Aranyaka pocket book. You can discover the pocket book in your quest merchandise stock to test it for buried treasure hints, or you should utilize our information.

When you get 9 of the ten chests, “Static Views, Part 2” will routinely seem in your journal main you to the ultimate space and finishing the search.

Gourmet Supremos: Within Our Duties

Zhongli stands in front of a cliff with some grass and wooden crates nearby

The quest will seem in the above location after you might have obtained the Gourmet Supremos achievements from Inazuma, in accordance with the Genshin Impact Wiki. The achievements are “Meal For Two,” “A Question of Diet,” and “Samurice.” After getting all three achievements, it’s essential to full the Inazuma fee “The Gourmet Supremos: Where’d the Ingredients Go?”

If you accomplished these earlier than the discharge of patch 3.0 (Sumeru), then you have to to get the “Where’d the Ingredients Go?” fee once more earlier than the search seems.

Cost-Effective Hook

Zhongli stands on a dock north of Port Ormos

According to the Genshin Impact Wiki, it’s essential to full the Sumeru day by day fee “Supreme Hookshot?” thrice for this quest to look in the above location. Once you full the fee a 3rd time, it can seem the following day (in actual time, not in game time).

Garcia’s Paean: A Gift of Compatibility

This quest stays a thriller, at the same time as of patch 3.3. According to Game8, you do want to finish a brief world quest at Wangshu Inn referred to as “Garcia’s Paean” in order to begin.

Zhongli stands in front of a table in Wangshu Inn

After finishing this quest, the “Garcia’s Paean” quest line might begin displaying up as half of your day by day Sumeru commissions. This contains “Garcia’s Paean: Key Items” and “Garcia’s Paean: Substitute.”

However, as of scripting this, the Genshin Impact Wiki notes that that is technically unreleased content material. Though you’ll be able to see it in the Sumeru repute list, it doesn’t appear to be the prerequisite fee have been added to the game, so we’ll want to attend for an additional replace.


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