Zack runs into Shinra Manor

Zack runs into Shinra Manor

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, there’s a small set of facet quests when you arrive in Nibelheim known as the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

Just a little boy (with an orange interplay marker) on the town will speak concerning the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim and ask you to research them for him. You ought to at the very least do the First Wonder, because it’s an easy-to-miss summon materia that you just’ll need in your DMW.

Completing this facet quest will even reward you with the achievement “Seven Wonders Expert.”

Note that you should do the primary 5 wonders utterly earlier than speaking to Sephiroth within the basement of Shinra Manor. The game will warn you that it is a level of no return and to get your issues so as first. The Sixth and Seventh Wonders are achieved after you speak to Sephiroth.

Below, we record out the puzzles behind the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

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The First Wonder of Nibelheim

The first surprise is the pink water, which is simply within the water tower throughout from the boy. Climb up the tower to get the Phoenix materia (and add Phoenix to your DMW). Case closed. Go speak to the boy about your discovery when you choose it up.

The Second Wonder of Nibelheim

The Second Wonder is a portray within the inn and it’s a little bit bit finicky. You should do the next:

  1. Talk to the boy concerning the Second Wonder.
  2. Head upstairs within the inn, work together with the portray of the lady.
  3. Leave the inn.
  4. Go again inside, work together with the portray once more. Zack will discover that the lady within the portray is gone.
  5. Go again downstairs.
  6. Head again upstairs.
  7. Go again downstairs. The male NPC that was behind the desk will now begin strolling up the steps. Follow him to unravel this surprise.

The NPC provides you with 2,000 Gil in your time, making this a worthwhile enterprise.

Despite different posts on the web stating that you need to do that half earlier than interacting with Sephiroth within the inn, we accomplished it after he was within the Shinra Manor, although we began it initially whereas he was within the inn.

In addition to this, after Zack initially notices that the lady is gone, don’t work together with the portray once more. Each time we interacted with the portray and went again downstairs, the NPC stayed behind the desk. It was solely after we simply went upstairs and got here straight again down did he come out from behind the desk to progress this quest.

The Third Wonder of Nibelheim

The third surprise is a pack of particular bomb enemies on the high of the mountain. You can run straight up there, or do that in your method again down from the Shinra reactor. Either method, you’ll see a bunch of youngsters speaking about these bizarre bombs that apparently drop items however provided that you kill them earlier than they explode.

Kids stand around a crater of mako energy on a grey mountain

Head up the mountain to come across these particular bombs and (as the children mentioned) defeat them earlier than they blow up. If they do blow up, you’ll be able to run across the space to re-encounter them.

To beat these enemies simply, we simply spammed Blizzaga, which they have been very weak to. If that’s not sufficient for you, make sure that to focus on those rising greater first. The greater they’re, the nearer they’re to blowing up, so the largest ones ought to get your consideration first.

Head again to the boy and present them the Gold Shard that the bombs dropped. He’ll offer you a Safety Bit.

The Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim

The Fourth Wonder is a bit of a ache within the butt, however it entails wanting via peepholes within the Shinra Manor to determine the code to a safe. The safe code is random each time, so that you’ll even have to unravel the puzzle your self.

The digits for the safe correspond to the quantity of particular objects you’ll be able to see in every room. We’ve labeled every room location beneath, and described what you should be searching for:

A blue map of Shinra manor with doors numbered from one to four.

  1. The quantity of books not on the cabinets is the primary digit. This consists of books on high of the shelf however not in the shelf.
  2. The quantity of monsters dancing round is the second digit.
  3. The quantity of purple Banora Apples is the third digit.
  4. The fourth digit is the quantity of chairs within the room.

After inputting the proper numbers to the safe, a Cactuar will come out and scamper off. You’ll additionally get one Vital Slash.

The Fifth Wonder of Nibelheim

The Fifth Wonder is a well-known face (that we don’t even get to truly see) hiding out in a coffin within the basement of the Shinra Manor. If you don’t have entry to the manor but, progress within the story a tiny bit extra to get Cloud to take you there.

Before the door with the search marker (the one with Sephiroth behind it), there are two different doorways within the basement, every with units of coffins behind them.

Take out Sahagin enemies within the basement space to get Coffin Keys, which is able to mean you can open the coffins. Three of them will randomly have weak bug enemies inside, however one may have a sleeping man.

After finishing this one, speak to the child once more for him to notice that he must do extra analysis concerning the Sixth Wonder. At this level it’s safe to proceed on within the game’s story.

The Sixth Wonder of Nibelheim

The Sixth Wonder if Nibelheim is the surprise child’s mother trapped in a home on hearth. (Yes, that is very bizarre.) You’ll want to avoid wasting her from the fireplace to finish this half of the facet quest.

You can’t really see inside the home as you navigate inside, so that you’ll have to only really feel it out, because the digicam will nonetheless observe Zack, hinting you to the place he’s in the home.

To do that half, we made Zack go all the way in which proper, up, left, down, and then proper once more, thus making him go up the steps inside and to the window the place the child’s mother was. To return down, you simply do the reverse: go left, up, proper, down, left.

He provides you an ATK Up++ materia as a thanks.

The Seventh Wonder of Nibelheim

The Seventh Wonder is one other reward from the boy for saving his mother, however you’ll be able to’t get it till fairly a bit later. After the entire ordeal with Sephiroth and Cloud, you’ll have the ability to discover Nibelheim once more in search of garments for Cloud.

A golden item sits behind a fence in Nibelheim

In the Nibelheim Outskirts, you’ll find this shining golden reward from the boy: a Wall materia.

Getting this materia will reward you with the achievement and mark the top of the facet quest.


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