Destiny 2 Xur

Destiny 2 Xur

The weekly Exotic merchandise service provider Xur hangs out in random areas all over the world of Destiny. In Destiny 2, he can seem everywhere in the map, in addition to contained in the Tower. This week, yow will discover Xur within the Tower, hanging out in The Hangar on the again steps to the left of Saint-14.

A screenshot of Destiny 2’s map showing the location of Xur in the Tower Hangar

Xur’s stock this week consists of the next:

  • Graviton Lance, Void pulse rifle: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Khepri’s Sting, Hunter arms: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Armamentarium, Titan chest: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Varity’s Brow, Warlock helmet: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Exotic Engram: 97 Legendary Shards (now you can buy a second with an Exotic Cipher)
  • Exotic Cipher quest: free

As of Season of the Risen and The Witch Queen, Xur sells a random roll of each Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale every week.

Here’s what he’s promoting this weekend:

  • Hawkmoon, Kinetic hand cannon (Surplus): 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, Exotic Cipher, Ascendant Shard
  • Dead Man’s Tale, Kinetic scout rifle (Subsistence): 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, Exotic Cipher, Ascendant Shard

As of Season of the Lost, Xur additionally sells a set of outdated armor and weapons — much like Banshee-44 and Ada-1. Usually, these things are tough to search out and from seasons gone. Each merchandise (whether or not armor or weapon) prices just one,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Xur’s Legendary stock this week consists of the next:

  • False Promises, Kinetic auto rifle
  • Whispering Slab, Kinetic bow
  • Survivor’s Epitaph, Kinetic hand cannon
  • Iota Draconis, Solar fusion rifle
  • Seventh Seraph CQC-12, Solar shotgun
  • Tarantula, Arc linear fusion rifle
  • The Keening, Arc sidearm
  • Titan planetary armor set

Xur’s gadgets drop at an influence degree much like that of your character.

Graviton Lance

Graviton Lance’s Exotic perk is Black Hole, which causes the gun to solely hearth two bullets: one with low harm and the opposite with excessive harm. The second perk, Cosmology, causes Graviton Lance kills to make the enemy explode and spawn void missiles that search targets. This may cause a series response of explosions, which might be extraordinarily highly effective in sure conditions.

Graviton Lance has been one among Destiny 2’s greatest and worst Exotics at completely different factors. Currently, it’s not nice, however you by no means know when the scales will tip once more — plus, it’s a brilliant distinctive weapon, regardless of how highly effective it’s. If you don’t have Graviton Lance, seize it from Xur this week.

Khepri’s Sting

Khepri’s Sting is a returning Exotic from the unique Destiny, and homes an enormous beetle on the Hunter’s left arm. Its Exotic perk is Touch of Venom. Punching an enemy with full melee vitality immediately unleashes a smoke bomb. Smoke bombs deal elevated harm and grant you Truesight whilst you’re inside.

This is an attention-grabbing Exotic with a neat impact, nevertheless it’s not significantly good in the mean time. Pick it up when you have the shards and hope it’s going to see a buff within the subsequent few seasons.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 63 complete stats.


The Armamentarium is a reasonably easy chest piece. Its Exotic perk is And Another Thing, which causes you to achieve one other grenade cost whatever the subclass you’re utilizing. This perk is nice — or it could be if Striker Titans didn’t have already got two grenades. The different Titan subclasses have far much less highly effective grenades and higher Exotics in Hallowfire Heart and Mask of the Quiet One.

However, Armamentarium remains to be an amazing chest piece to seize in the event you don’t like these different Exotics or if you wish to run the opposite Striker tree. If you want Titans and grenades, you need to at the least choose this one up.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 62 complete stats.

Verity’s Brow

This Verity’s Brow Warlock helmet is pretty mediocre. Its Exotic perk is The Fourth Magic, which causes your vitality weapon kills to regenerate grenade vitality for you and your close by allies. This perk is ok and at all times helpful. However, when in comparison with most of the different Warlock Exotics on the market — Crown of Tempests, Geomag Stabilizers, Chromatic Fire, and many others. — there’s virtually no scenario the place this helmet is value utilizing.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 63 complete stats.

Exotic Cipher quest


Starting in Beyond Light, Xur has a brand new quest for an Exotic Cipher. The Exotic Cipher helps you to purchase outdated Exotics from the Monuments to Lost Light kiosk within the Tower. You’ll want these things and another currencies to select up Exotics like Heir Apparent and Truth.

This week, Xur needs you to finish 21 Strikes or win Crucible or Gambit matches. By ending the hunt, you’ll earn an Exotic Cipher to make use of nonetheless you need.


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