The newest video game the tech-focussed crew at Digital Foundry have been inspecting is the just lately launched remaster/remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. In this case we’re wanting on the Nintendo Switch model which runs at a comparatively secure 30fps in each docked and handheld mode. When the game is performed in docked mode the decision flits between dynamic 540p -720p and in handheld mode the decision is dynamic between 432p-720p, although it usually hovers round 504p. As you’d anticipate, the Nintendo Switch model of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has seen sacrifices in some areas to get the game working effectively on the system, however Switch house owners ought to relaxation assured that it’s a first rate port from Square Enix.

  • Nintendo Switch model:
    • gamma is off in comparison with different programs
    • most options are retained
    • the anticipated pairing down is right here
      • lowered foliage draw
      • decrease res put up processing
      • SSR is noisy
      • actual time shadow maps have combined removing of actual time shadow maps in exterior settings
      • appears to make use of capsule shadows 
    • 576p-720p/30 in docked
    • 432p-720p/30 in handheld, often 504p
    • has body pacing points
    • few drops under 30
    • no movement blur