Dragon Quest Treasures Pekora Usada, Yuji Horii Codes for Monsters Appear

Square Enix provided folks a solution to get Dragon Quest Treasures Pekora Usada and Yuji Horii impressed monsters of their game. There are actually two codes folks can enter in an in-game menu. Once they do, a particular Killing Machine and King Slime will seem to recruit.

First, buying every character is pretty simple. In the Gang submenu, there’s an choice to enter a present code. Once somebody does that with the 2 latest codes, the monsters will seem with Miss Cecily on the recruitment and facility desk. You can then pay the charge and recruit them as you’ll every other monster in Dragon Quest Treasures. As a word, the codes are case-sensitive.

The Dragon Quest Treasures Pekora monster is a stage 15 Killing Machine named Pekotte. It contains a carrot-colored sword, rabbit ears, and themed equipment. Its Forte is Glide. You have to pay 112G to recruit it. When redeeming the code “PEK,” you get entry to the monster, 15 Bang Bomb pellets and a couple of Chimaera Wings.
Dragon Quest Treasures Pekora Usada, Yuji Horii Codes for Monsters Appear 1

Meanwhile, Yuji the King Slime in Dragon Quest Treasures can be a stage 15 monster and may be very clearly named for Yuji Horii. It wears a helmet with horns on it and options three blush strains on every cheek. It has the Launch Forte and bears a 106G recruit charge. In addition to the monster, coming into the code “YUB” will get you 2 Chimaera Wings and 5 Better Buddy Bullets.

Dragon Quest Treasures is accessible for the Nintendo Switch.


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