FFXIV Heavensturn 2022 Items Appear in Online Store

As normal, Square Enix added the objects from a previous FFXIV occasion to the Online Store for actual cash. People can now head to the store to choose up the three objects that had been a part of the Heavensturn 2022 occasion. While these could possibly be earned totally free through the celebration, now every merchandise prices actual cash.

Two of the previous objects are cosmetics folks can put on. There are two variations of the Kabuto helmet. One is a Golden Tora Kabuto, whereas the opposite is Silver. These are $3 every. They additionally received’t be seen in your Warrior of Light if they’re a member of the Hrothgar or Viera race.
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The third merchandise is a chunk of furnishing for a house or condo. People can spend $5 in the FFXIV Online Store to get a Authentic White Tiger display screen. This is a big merchandise, with the shop providing a Hyur and Lalafell subsequent to it for scale.
FFXIV Heavensturn 2022 Items Appear in Online Store

As a reminder, the FFXIV Heavensturn actions are about to start once more on December 31, 2022. The rewards folks can earn this yr embrace a banner and a brand new outfit.

Final Fantasy XIV is offered for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The Heavensturn 2023 occasion will start on December 31, 2022 and finish on January 16, 2023.


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